EXCLUSIVE: 'Agent Carter' Star Hayley Atwell Talks Peggy's New Love Triangle and Her Hilarious Captain America

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Our favorite kickass agent is back!

The highly anticipated return of Marvel's Agent Carter debuts tonight and we're currently counting down the minutes until our next adrenaline-pumping mission, but this time in a brand new setting. Peggy, Jarvis and the rest of our beloved SSR agents are headed to the West Coast in season two to fight crime and corruption amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

So to help get you even more excited for the action-packed premiere, ET hit the Agent Carter set to get the exclusive scoop straight from Hayley Atwell about Peggy's blossoming love life, her strengthened relationship with Jarvis, and Dottie's "brilliant and brutal" return.

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We are gearing up for season two of Agent Carter! What can fans expect with this big move to L.A.?
Hayley Atwell:
Yeah, that's the biggest kind of change for this season and with L.A. comes a lot of natural sunlight and I think that's having an effect on everyone. The one person that is suffering though is Jarvis. She arrives by plane to L.A. and he picks her up with an umbrella trying to shield her from the sun and he's in a full woolen outfit and he complains that palm trees are useless because they provide no shelter and why does everyone eat avocado with everything. So immediately you're re-introduced to the relationship between Peggy and Jarvis and it's something that is even strengthened even more so this season.


Speaking of Jarvis, we're finally going to meet his wife this season! What can you tease about his relationship with Ana?
As you can expect from James' character of Jarvis, he's a very moral and British, stiff upper lip gentleman and his relationship with Ana is impeccable. It's incredibly polite, it's based on a good set of values and morals and I think it's something that Peggy herself aspires to have in her life.

Well, maybe she can have that kind of relationship with her new love interest, Jason Wilkes. How many sparks are going to be flying between this new couple?
The thing that kind of sparks her interest in Jason Wilkes is, again, he's a very strong man, but he's very smart and he's a scientist and there's something about him that she relates to. Because of his race, he's had to endure horrendous obstacles to be even in the position where he can get on with his job, and I think that's something that immediately interests Peggy. As a woman she can start to have an understanding of what it must be like for him, and that means that they can open up about their difficulties about just being able to do their jobs and just live another life, so that's something that they're able to connect to. Another thing is that he is, in some ways, similar to Captain America. There's an earnest quality about him, and someone who has a very strong set of morals and that's something that appeals to Peggy because she sees corruption everywhere. When you see a light in all of that darkness, it stands out, and that's what Jason is.

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We saw in the season one finale that Peggy finally let the last of Captain America go when she poured out that vile of blood -- but will she ever truly be able to let him go?
He will always be a part of her in the sense that he taught her so much about how to conduct herself and to fight with purpose and determination, even if it means sacrificing yourself, so that's what she'll take with her. The funny thing about shooting that scene is I had to pour a vile of blood into a trash bin that was in front of me! [Laughs] So I had this really moving scene going, 'Goodbye my darling,' and I'm just pouring it really straight into a bin bag -- it was quite bizarre. But I think in a very gracious and generous way, she's able to let him go so that she gives herself a chance of happiness.


Many fans think she'll still be able to find her happiness with Agent Sousa. How will their relationship be this season in L.A.?
Well, Sousa has come out to L.A. in part to get away from her because they had this chemistry, but they were both so lame and stubborn in their own ways, they weren’t able to finally connect. He gets the opportunity to finally get a promotion out in L.A. as chief and he, of course and understandably, takes it. Unbeknown to him, Peggy also is sent out there. Peggy thinks Sousa has asked her to come out, Sousa is completely shocked and surprised when he sees her, so already it starts off on the wrong footing again since there's a miscommunication, but there's so much chemistry between them that it actually creates a love triangle dynamic between Peggy and Sousa and Jason.

Lastly, what can you tease about Dottie's return in season two? We have a feeling it will be an explosive one…
It's very impressive! Peggy said in the first season that we haven't seen the last of Dottie, and she makes herself known in quite a brilliant, and brutal, and mean way. It becomes a game of psychological warfare between her and Peggy, and Peggy can't help but admire aspects of Dottie. But Dottie is trained assassin -- she is kind of the evil side of Peggy. She's the opposite side of the same coin.

The two-hour premiere of Marvel's Agent Carter premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT.