EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of 'The Bachelor' Vegas Date -- Ben and Becca Plan Their Dream Wedding!

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Here comes the bride… and The Bachelor!

On tonight's all-new episode of ABC's hit reality dating series, Ben Higgins is ready to say "I do" during an unexpected Las Vegas date with Bachelor veteran Becca -- and only ET was behind the scenes with the cute couple!

"Isn't this crazy?" Ben gushed exclusively to ET ahead of his date. "I'm actually ordained and I have the ability to marry some people, so today I've invited Becca to join me at the Little White Wedding Chapel and we're actually going to be marrying some couples."

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"This is so fun!" Becca exclaimed to our cameras. "Coming into the date, I had no idea what we could be doing. I mean, I assumed that we wouldn't really get married, but I never guessed this, so I love being surprised. This is actually really fun for me."

But, of course, as we chatted with Becca -- who looked absolutely stunning in a white wedding gown! -- we had to ask about the elephant in the room: If the Bachelor producers had wanted Becca to marry Ben on their Vegas date, would she have said yes?

"We'll talk about that on the second one-on-one date," the 26-year-old beauty answered with a laugh. "He's a type of guy I could really see myself with."

Although Ben and Becca's relationship is "brand new" at this point, the Bachelor hopes that this wedding-themed adventure will spark something more serious. "I think it's going to be a really fun date for us, but also just allow us to move forward in our relationship," he said. "It's always fun to kind of step out and do something just different and exciting."

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And being around all these happy couples certainly has got Ben thinking about his own big day!

"Love is in the air at all times during this experience," Ben shared. "And being here, it's kind of nostalgic.There's a lot of celebrities who have been married here. It just feels like love exists within this chapel, so yeah, it definitely gets me in the mood to get married!"

But when it comes to Ben's future wedding, don't expect to see the Bachelor running off to Vegas to tie the knot. "I think a little more traditional would probably be my style," the brunette hunk explained. "First off, I want my family and I want my friends, and all my relatives to come enjoy [the day as well]."


"I think just getting married is a really exciting thing and however a certain couple wants to do it, it's fine," he added. "But for me, it might be a little bigger."

As for Becca's dream wedding? "I'm more of a laid-back, more of a party-type wedding," she answered. "The glitz and the glam isn't really my personality, so something a little more casual, a little more comfortable dress for sure, lots of food, and having all my friends and family there."

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Regardless of the type of wedding, Becca is confident that Ben could be the groom at the end of her aisle. "I think Ben could be the right guy for me. I wouldn't be here for a second time around if I didn't feel that way," she said of her decision to come back on the reality series for another attempt at love.

"Having done this before, I know how it can work," she said. "I watched one of my best friends fall in love on the show, and I knew coming into it specifically with Ben that it would be different."

For more behind-the-scene secrets from Ben and Becca's Vegas date, check your local listings and tune into Entertainment Tonight this evening!

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