YouTube Star Colleen (Ballinger) Evans Admits She's 'Nervous' About Her Big Move to Netflix With 'Haters Back

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YouTube is about to invade Netflix. Well, one YouTuber is.

Colleen Evans (née Ballinger) is set to star in Haters Back Off, a new sitcom for the streaming service.

“I’m nervous, but I’m really excited about it,” Evans told ET at the premiere of A Trip to Unicorn Island. “I think it’s gonna be a good show.”

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Technically, it will be Evans’ wildly popular -- and arguably odd -- online alter ego, Miranda Sings, starring in the show. For those not in the know, Miranda is a delusional girl determined to become a pop star, even though she can’t carry a tune. 

Miranda’s channel has racked up more than 5 million subscribers and 859 million views over the last eight years. Check out one of her videos below:

For the record, Evans can sing -- and write. She developed the Netflix show with her brother, Christopher Ballinger.

“We just started meeting with different writers and producers until we found the right team, then we started pitching it around,” Evans explained. “We knew we always wanted it on Netflix, since we started the project, we knew that’s where we wanted it to end up, and we just got really lucky, and they liked it. So, they picked up the show, and we’re working really, really hard on it, and we’re excited for everyone to see it.”

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Soon after the news broke, reports surfaced that the show would finally introduce Miranda’s fans to her family, who up until now have lived completely off-screen.

“That’s the rumor!” Evans teased. “That’s the rumor, but yeah, the show’s about Miranda and her road to fame and where she came from, and how she evolved. So, yeah, you’re gonna be meeting a lot of fun, new people.”

New people, and old favorites. Evans promises viewers will see some fellow YouTubers pop up on the show.

“The show’s about Miranda’s life, and so, once Miranda starts getting viral videos, we’re gonna start meeting all the people she met along the way,” Evans said. “How she got all her baes, you know?”

Evans isn’t the only digital star breaking out beyond YouTube. Check out the video below to see our chat with Lilly Singh, who premiered her own documentary at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood this week.