EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Villain Olivia Caridi Reveals the Moment It All Went Wrong With Ben Higgins!

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Oh, Olivia -- where did it all go wrong?!

Olivia Caridi, who received the coveted first impression rose, started off as a major frontrunner for Ben Higgins' heart, but she was quickly pegged as the villain of the season thanks to her aggressive behavior and haughty attitude.

For the majority of the season, Ben seemed smitten with the 23-year-old Texan and gifted her with many of the highly sought-after group date roses to validate their relationship. But Olivia claims everything changed during the dates in Mexico City.

"When some of the girls talked about me, that planted a seed in his mind that he couldn't get past," she explained. "I kept trying to move forward, but I don't think he ever could, so it was hard for me to watch."

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She continued, "I watched the first episode and I was like, 'Gosh! Wow, I have goosebumps! That was really cute.' But I think he just couldn't get past what was said, and I don't  blame him. It is a tough situation to be in."

When asked about her biggest regrets on the show, Olivia shared that it has to do with her now famously-memed mouth.

"I would just have shut my mouth in Mexico City with Amanda," she said of the moment she compared her fellow contestant's life to an episode of Teen Mom.

"I am also proud that I stood up and apologized," she added defensively. "It was hard to do because I knew I messed up the moment. I would kind of erase that one."

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Olivia confessed that she'll "always care" about Ben, but she no longer has any lingering feelings for the 26-year-old Indiana native. "I have moved on and I am ready to find the right person, but I'm grateful because you learn what you need from someone based on what doesn't work so."

Since getting sent home, the blonde beauty has remained single and revealed that she is "terrible" at dating. So does this mean that she would be open to coming back as the Bachelorette?

"Not in that realm," she said of her reality TV future. "I would do like a cooking show or something but no, not [The Bachelorette]."

Many fans out there assumed that the news anchor was just trying to gain more fame from her time on The Bachelor, but Olivia was quick to shut those rumors down.

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"I left my career to do this so that kind of doesn't work that way, but I think it's harsh when someone who is in this career to say, 'Oh, [you're] just trying to be famous,'" she said. "I can't help what I do and what I am good at, and yeah, I am more hungry then ever to get back to work. I gave my all to Ben and now I am getting back to my life, which is my job."

But apparently, Olivia doesn’t have a job to go back to just yet. "I am not [at my old job]," she confessed. "I am looking for the next move for me. So hopefully it happens soon."

Olivia added that she only has one thing to say to all those who bashed her on social media throughout her Bachelor journey: "Don't be mean behind the screen. That's all," she said.

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All airs Monday, March 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.