'The Bachelor': The Four Most Shocking (And Satisfying!) Olivia Confrontations From 'The Women Tell All'

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She's baaaack!

This season's Bachelor villain, Olivia Caridi, reunited with her former sister wives -- umm, we mean contestants -- on Monday's highly-anticipated Women Tell All special, and the controversial starlet admitted that it's been "brutal" to watch her journey on the dating show over the past few months.

"I'm a strong, driven, independent, confident woman and there were times that I hated watching myself," Olivia confessed to host Chris Harrison while sitting in the hot seat.

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The former news anchor famously ruffled feathers in Ben Higgins' Bachelor hen house thanks to her haughty demeanor and condescending attitude, but now claims that she had no idea of the extent of the ladies' hatred towards her. "I knew that things were kind of weird in the house," she said. "But I didn't t know what was being said behind my back and the extent and the extremity of [it]."

"I just felt like I was minding my own business the whole time. I didn’t think that I was actively trying to make anyone's lives miserable," she continued. "I wasn't trying to sabotage anyone's time I was prioritizing my relationship and trying to stay afloat by doing what I feel comfortable doing, which is kid of being on my own."

Now that you know where Olivia was coming from, relive the four most shocking (and oh-so satisfying) Olivia confrontations from The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

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1. Amanda's Momma "Jam" Diss: Amanda -- who was on the receiving end of Olivia's hurtful "Teen Mom" comparison comments earlier this season -- seized the opportunity to air her personalized grievances. "Saying that any guy should be 'running the other way' from somebody with kids? Do you not think that's rude?" Amanda questioned. "Being a mom is something that I'm so proud of. My kids are my life. Being a mom is 'my jam.'" After that perfectly phrased, Olivia-inspired diss, the Bachelor villainess gave Amanda a heartfelt (and actually believable!) apology and the ladies parted on a good note.

2. Jennifer's "Smart Things" Confrontation: When Olivia tried to defend the fact that she "sabotaged" other relationships by stealing Ben first all season, Jennifer chimed in to the conversation. "I'm sorry can I say something?" she interrupted from the stands. "I think your explanation to Ben in Mexico said it all. If you were to get off your high horse for a little bit and tried to bond with us, and develop respect for each other, like we all did, you would realize that we like to read books and talk smart things too." Ohh snap! To be honest, we barely remember seeing Jennifer in this competition, but we're glad she was there tonight to use Olivia's own words against her.

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3. Haley and Emily's Side-by-Side Attack: Haley and Emily's twinning powers were in full force when they unleashed their pent-up rage. Emily, who famously outlasted Olivia on that tense two-on-one date, continuously stressed that the 23-year-old news anchor was "disrespectful" to each and every girl in the house. And, after revealing that Olivia "basically called her a slut," Haley snarled, "For somebody who likes to 'talk smart things' and is so intelligent, you'd think that you would be more self-aware that the things you were saying and doing were incredibly disrespectful."

4. Ben's Dismissive Date Explanation: At the end of The Women Tell All, Ben came out to let his exes confront him on their unresolved issues and Olivia certainly did so. When the blonde beauty questioned why she never received any "one-on-one dates" with him, Ben's answer was surprisingly cold. "There was something that wasn’t right," he explained. "There's no reason in this to drag somebody along if the feelings aren’t there on one side. When I looked at what relationships I could see moving forward in the future, unfortunately ours wasn't one of those." Yikes! Then why were you giving her all of those group date roses, Benjamin?

Olivia concluded, "If there was a guide book on to do this show right and make 28 women happy, I would've read it and I would’ve done better, but there's no way of knowing how to do this. I didn’t do it right, but I learned a lot about myself."

Watch our interview with Olivia below to get her reaction right after all the drama went down. The Bachelor season finale airs next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.