EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Dedicated Team Responsible for Blurring People's Privates on 'Naked and Afraid'

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ET looked into the delicate process of Naked and Afraid's unsung heroes: the people in charge of blurring the contestants' nether regions.

"The general mandate is to make the blurs look as natural as possible and still cover up as much as possible," graphics supervisor Erin Gavin told ET. "You always have to keep a lookout, because things will pop out."

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It's up to the team of graphic artists to go through every frame of footage to cover up all the naughty bits to please their censors. Thankfully, they get leeway in some areas.

"We are allowed to show things like butt and butt crack," executive producer Steve Rankin told ET.

After the week-long editing process, the show gets reviewed.

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"You get five guys and a woman sitting in a darkened room, hoping not to see a nipple or a piece of crotch," Rankin explained.

Naked and Afraid returns Sunday on Discovery.