'The Bachelor': The 5 Most Confusing and Cringe-Worthy Moments From 'After the Final Rose'

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Well, that was… awkward.

After learning thatBen Higgins chose to propose to Lauren Bushnell on the season finale of The Bachelor, viewers were treated to an incredibly uncomfortable live broadcast of After the Final Rose.

From empty promises of a live wedding, to Jimmy Kimmel's inappropriate personal questions and a bizarre Bachelorette reveal, relive the most confusing and cringe-worthy moments of the night…

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1. The Wannabe Wedding: In a desperate attempt to make headlines, host Chris Harrison continuously teased to audiences all night that Ben and his leading lady could be getting married right then and there. He knew it wasn't going to happen, we knew it wasn't going to happen, and yet he would not stop pretending like it was a possibilty.

2. Proposal Déjà Vu: After politely turning down Chris' repeated requests to have an on-the-spot wedding in a room full of strangers, Ben knew he needed to make some kind of a grand gesture. "Can I borrow this for a second?" Ben said, taking the Neil Lane engagement ring off of Lauren's hand, and proposing (again!) to his existing fiancé. Viewers were then treated to 45 full seconds of just watching Ben and Lauren hug various members of each other's families while Chris looked on with a slight air of disappointment. "Ben, you wiggled out of that very well," Chris said.

3. Jimmy Kimmel's Cringe-Worthy Interruption: The late-night talk show host stopped by After the Final Rose, and brought with him some head-scratching questions for Lauren and Ben "Where do babies come from?" he asked the confused, but happy couple. After inquiring as to what really happens in the Fantasy Suites, Jimmy then brought out two naked Barbie dolls and pressed their bodies together. "Show me on the dolls where you guys touched each other," he requested. It. Was. Mortifying.

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4. The Pop-Up Pastor: In an effort to prove that the spontaneous wedding could actually happen, Bachelor producers flew Ben's family pastor, Denny Wilson, all the way out from Warsaw, Indiana. Not only did they bring that poor man out to Los Angeles for a big fat Bachelor bluff, but the cameras kept cutting to the timidly smiling pastor at the most random moments throughout the broadcast.

5. Awkward Bachelorette Build-Up: First of all, when Chris Harrison announced that Jo Jo would be the next Bachelorette, she was sitting directly next to her ex-boyfriend who had just told her all the reasons he didn’t choose her. (Yikes!) Then, while saying his Bachelor goodbyes just before the credits, Chris attempted to get fans pumped for the May 23 Bachelorette premiere with a strange one-upping promise. "Hey, who knows? Maybe she'll fall in love with three guys!" he deadpanned in front of Ben, Lauren, and both of their families.

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