EXCLUSIVE: Harry Shum Jr. Talks 'Shadowhunters' Makeup and Leaving Behind a Trail of Glitter

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has officially been renewed for season two!

ET recently sat down with Harry Shum Jr., who plays the 400-year-old High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane.

The character is a fan-favorite of the book series, The Mortal Instruments, so Harry made sure to take extra care in perfecting the TV version of Magnus.

“It was really important to me to make sure that I represented him in the right way, because he means so much to the fans,” said Harry.

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In addition to the physicality and speech techniques involved in bringing Magnus Bane to life, there’s also plenty of makeup -- as in, hours-worth!

“I had to get a cushion to sit on because my butt was hurting from sitting down!” laughed Harry of his time in the makeup chair. “I gained so much more respect for people who put on makeup.”

So, yes, this means Harry knows the real-life struggle of finding glitter everywhere…

“It's funny, because the cast would know where I was!” said Harry. “I would leave glitter trails, so they could follow me anytime they needed to find me.”

You can catch Harry as Magnus on Shadowhunters, airing Tuesday nights on Freeform (formerly ABC Family).