EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg Gets Very Aggressive at Family Softball Game on 'Wahlburgers'

The actor shows his more temperamental side on the Season 5 finale of the A&E reality series.

There's nothing like coaching a family softball game to make tempers flare, especially if you’re Mark Wahlberg.

In this exclusive clip from the Season 5 finale of the A&E docuseries Wahlburgers, viewers get an inside look at the actor's fiery temperament and aggressive coaching style while the Wahlberg family plays a fun game of softball.

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From telling another coach to shut his mouth to advising one player to lean in and get hit by a pitch, the 44-year-old Transformers: Age of Extinction star is in it to win it, even if it's just a friendly game with family.

Mark's brother, Robert, may have put it best when he said his star sibling "might have some control issues."

The Wahlburgers Season 5 finale airs Wednesday, April 6 at 9pm ET/PT on A&E.

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