EXCLUSIVE: 'Southern Charm' Star Cameran Eubanks Reveals Why She Goes to Therapy -- and Keeps Her Husband Off

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Cameran Eubanks admits she may be a little crazy.

“I think there’s gotta be a little something wrong with you if you choose to put yourself on national television,” the Southern Charm star tells ET.

Cameran says that’s the reason why her husband of nearly two years, Jason Wimberly, doesn’t appear on the Bravo hit.

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“It’s just kind of a non-negotiable for me,” Cameran shares. “My husband, he has sense -- common sense -- therefore, he chooses to stay off reality television.”

“My relationship is very precious to me, so, I try to keep that private,” she adds.

“He’s an awesome guy,” Cameran’s co-star Shep Rose interjects. “He’s a good listener. He’s the exact opposite of me.”

Still, part of Cameran’s relationship does sneak its way onto the show. Last season, viewers saw Cameran contemplating motherhood, saying she didn’t want to have any kids anytime soon. That conversation will continue in season three.

“You’ll have to wait and watch,” Cameran teases. “I go to therapy for it.”

“I can’t wait to see that!” Shep exclaims.

And we’re sure fans can’t wait to see more of Shep this year -- he’ll be dating a lot on the show.

“This season is a little tumultuous for me on the relationship front,” Shep admits. “There’s a handful of girls, and I’m just glad they’re all speaking to me currently. I didn’t really break any hearts.”

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Shep says he just likes to have fun -- and keep it honest with the ladies he dates.

“I sorta get right up to the point [of commitment],” Sheps says, “‘Look, I don’t think I can give you what you deserve…’ and they love hearing that.”

“He gives ‘em something, though!” Cameran jokes.

You can see more of Cam and Shep when new episodes of Southern Charm air on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET. See what the stars had to say about their castmates in the video below.