'The Real Housewives of Dallas' Premiere Post-Mortem: 7 Reasons Why This Is the Best Franchise Addition -- Eve

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The Real Housewives of Dallas has arrived -- and it just might be the best addition to the Real Housewives franchise ever! With hints of early Real Housewives of Orange County, plus splashes of New York and Atlanta, these ladies are bound to be on Bravo for a long time to come. Here are seven reasons why we can’t wait to see the rest of season one.

1. The Housewives are finally in Dallas!

Um… what took so long?! Seriously, Dallas seems like a totally natural fit for The Real Housewives -- from big hair to big houses, the Big D is reality TV gold. Hey, it’s just TV gold -- Dallas ran for 14 seasons. As star LeAnne Locken put it when the whole cast sat down with ET before the premiere, “We are not the old West, we are the new South.”

2. The taglines are out of control.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but totally judge a Housewives franchise by its taglines! The Dallas ladies deliver with some of the strongest lines in Housewives history. Cary Deuber takes the grand prize with, “I’m not a trophy wife, I’m a lifetime achievement award.” Cary told ET the line was inspired by an unintentional insult from one of her stepson’s friends.  Stephanie Hollman’s is solid, too: “I’m the girl next door… if you live in a big ol’ mansion!”

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3. The show is hilarious.

“I can only speak from my experience, but I think that it's gonna be really f**king funny.” Stephanie wasn’t lying when she told ET that -- this show brings the laughs big time. If you love Ramonja’s antics in New York, or Tamra and Vicki’s shenanigans in Orange County, then you’ll love Stephanie’s bond with Brandi Redmond. “Everything I do, whenever I get in trouble, she is usually the one behind it,” Brandi says of Stephanie.

4. Introducing “Jesus Juice.”

We can see the T-shirts already. This cast is bound to spawn some catchphrases, “Jesus Juice” being one of them. Jesus Juice is, naturally, wine. “Life is always a little bit more fun with Jesus Juice,” Brandi explained on the premiere. “Seriously, Jesus turned water into wine, and so that's why I call it Jesus Juice." Hmm… maybe Brandi will join the ranks of Ramona Singer and release her own line?

5. There’s definitely some subtle Southern shade.

We’ve gotten a taste of this in Atlanta, but the Dallas ladies are experts at throwing shade… subtly. These ladies are beyond just saying “bless your heart” when they really want to choke each other out. On the premiere, LeeAnne and Brandi had an impromptu sit-down that ended with Brandi sweetly asking LeeAnne, “Do you feel attacked right now?” Brandi told ET she definitely knows how to push LeeAnne’s buttons.

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6. There’s also real southern drama.

It’s not all subtle -- there’s some in-your-face action, too. The teaser for the season promises quite a few screaming matches, and even a camera-shove courtesy of LeeAnne. “Don't put your camera in my face if I am drunk and don't want you there, OK?” LeeAnne told ET. The trailer also teases some possible relationship changes, with premiere episode enemies getting along, and besties at each other’s throats.

7. It all works because it’s real.

At the heart of any good Housewives show is real relationships, and this installment is no exception. LeeAnne and Tiffany Hendra have been attached at the hip for decades. “She likes to say 30 years,” Tiffany said. “I round down to 25.” Brandi and Stephanie have also been besties, explaining to ET that they even take all their family vacations together. As for Cary, she’s somewhere in between -- but still connected to the group. “It's hard to find lifelong friends,” Cary admitted. “I'm looking forward to having lifelong relationships with these ladies.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. The Dallas ladies join The Real Housewives of New York, whose eighth season just kicked off. We think it’ll be their best season yet -- check out the video below to find out why.