EXCLUSIVE 'Outlander' Sneak Peek: Fergus and Murtagh Discussing the 'Affairs of Women' Is the Cutest Thing You

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Forget Fergus the Pickpocket -- we're obsessed with Fergus the Love Doctor!

In this week's all-new episode of Outlander, Fergus and Murtagh share a heart-to-heart about decoding the complicated layers of a woman in love -- and only ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek of the adorable moment.

While waiting for Claire to finish volunteering at the charity hospital, Fergus makes an offhand comment about what a "shame" it is to see Mary Hawkins looking so sad.

"Sad?" Murtagh asks incredulously. "That hen was smiling from ear to ear!"

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"Did you really not see that she had been crying?" Fergus responds with wisdom far beyond his years. The young boy goes on to describe all the subtle signs that show Mary is clearly in love with a man whom is not the one she is betrothed to.

Murtagh is, of course, completely oblivious to all of this. "That's why you will die alone with your hand," Fergus says with a laugh to his new friend.

We didn’t know it was possible, but after watching this first look scene, Fergus is even more precious than we could have ever imagined!

Outlander airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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