'Housewives Happy Hour': Tiffany Hendra on How 'RHOD' Has Impacted Her Friendship With LeeAnne Locken: 'We're

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Tiffany Hendra admits even she was stunned by this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas -- and she lived it!

“I literally kind of have whiplash,” Tiffany jokes. “I’m shell shocked a little. It’s crazy.”

The star dropped by ET for Housewives Happy Hour, opening up about her unexpected fight with bestie of over 25 years, LeeAnne Locken, which kicks off with Tiffany trying to comfort LeeAnne, but ultimately leads to a screaming and shoving match.

“It backfired like a big frickin’ nuclear bomb in my face,” the Sanctuary of Style founder explains. “All of the things that I had been burying and just shoving down, and keeping quiet, actually to protect her -- I was keeping a lot of things in --  just that volcano erupted. It did.”

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That eruption ends with LeeAnne pushing a camera (and cameraman!) out of her way, screaming that she doesn’t want to have the fight on TV. Tiffany says she didn’t care that the cameras were there: it was a real moment, and they’re on reality TV.

“I truly am being authentic to who I am,” Tiffany says. “I’m the type of person that, if we have a problem, I’m gonna come to you and ask you. If I hear somebody saying something, I’m going to hit you up first before I go talk to everybody else about it.”

Tiffany admits she’s been somewhat surprised by her longtime friend’s reality TV persona, noting that LeeAnne has made a couple comments that rub her the wrong way.

For example, on a recent episode, LeeAnne suggested she owns the former model in a way, commenting, “Tiffany's so interested in making friends that she's forgotten what her loyalty is.”

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“We are not in high school, LeeAnne,” Tiffany says. “She has introduced me to a lot of people … that’s great. You know everyone, but I don’t need to know everyone. I just need to know the right people for me, and kind of create my own tribe.”

“I’m friends with people LeeAnne doesn’t care to be friends with, and that’s life,” she continues. “That’s being a grown woman, and so once I was getting to really know Cary [Deuber] and Stephanie [Hollman] a little better, I do, I have to compartmentalize the fact that they might not get along, and how is that going to affect our relationship? It’s not.”

“LeeAnne’s over here, and I have my relationship with LeeAnne,” Tiffany adds. “But when I’m with you, we’re going to invest in what we have together. LeeAnne might not like that. That’s her problem.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Monday nights on Bravo at 10 p.m. ET.