The Science Behind the Steamy 'Young and the Restless' Love Scenes

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ET went behind the scenes for the filming of some of Young and the Restless' most torrid affairs, which seem fun, but they're not as easy as you think.

Y&R star Jason Thompson explained to ET that actors basically have one chance to get the scenes right, and then they have to move on.

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"They might do an insert of the belt coming off or the zipper things like that, but 95 percent of what you see is like one take," Thompson told ET.

Thompson and co-star Gina Tognoni play brother and sister-in-law on Y&R, making their TV affair a big no-no. While their trysts are passion-filled when they air as a finished product, the rehearsals have a more clinical feel.

The director instructs the actors, blocking every single move, and protects them from exposure.

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"Sometimes you see some parts you shouldn't," director Owen Renfroe admitted to ET. "That's rare but that happens. And of course we close the set, and we black out the monitors to anyone else who may be watching on the set or anywhere else, so the actors are comfortable."

Thompson joked that the secret to looking great on camera during those shirtless shots is knowing who to bribe.

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"I usually pay off the lighting guys," he quipped.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.