EXCLUSIVE: Wicked Pissah Reels in the 'Fish that Could Make All the Difference' in 'Wicked Tuna' Finale

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Tension runs rampant on the Wicked Tuna season five finale, and ET has an exclusive sneak peek!

With only one week left in the fishing season and the fishing boats experiencing their closest race ever, just one fish could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Knowing this, third and fourth place vessels, FV-TUNA.com and Wicked Pissah, respectively, are desperately going after what could be their last catches of the season.

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In the clip, both teams go into a frenzy to reel in the bluefins that they hooked on their fishing lines.

"This is the fish that could make all the difference," says Wicked Pissah captain Paul Hebert.

While both teams successfully reel in their fish, one question still lingers: will one of those fish provide a lead large enough to take first place?

Find out when Wicked Tuna airs May 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on National Geographic Channel.