EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Hudgens Has High Hopes for 'High School Musical 4': They're 'Bringing It to a New Generatio

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Vanessa Hudgens
has high hopes for Disney Channel’s High School Musical 4.

The 27-year-old singer-actress, who starred in the first three High School Musical movies, spoke highly of Disney’s plans to bring back the popular franchise, nearly eight years after the third film premiered.

“I love musicals. Being able to do musicals is such a dream of mine and the fact that they’re keeping it alive and bringing it to a new generation is really wonderful,” Hudgens told ET at the NBC Universal Upfront in New York City on Monday.

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Though Hudgens has seemingly moved on from her High School Musical days, she still finds herself belting out those classic (and super catchy) tunes -- especially during karaoke nights with her new co-stars from the new NBC comedy Powerless.

“We did a High School Musical [song], ‘Breaking Free,’” Hudgens said of one of those get-togethers, referencing the track she and Zac Efron sing in the 2006 TV movie.

“I was like, ‘This is so funny because I saw my name [in the karaoke song book], but it was Vanessa Anne and that was it. I was like, ‘OK, that’s interesting.’ So naturally, I had to sing myself,” she adorably explained.

Hudgens admits that the High School Musical catalogue will never truly leave her, revealing that she sings tunes from the franchise “every now and then.”

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“Sometimes, someone will be like, ‘We’re all in this together,’ and then I’ll be like [starts singing], ‘We’re all in this together!’” she said with a laugh, a nod to the final song from the first film. “It’s like reflexes.”

High School Musical
fans will be happy to know that Hudgens will be back on the small screen later this year in her new DC Comics comedy Powerless, which follows employees at an insurance claim company who clean up the superheroes’ messes.

“Superheroes are normally glamorized. They’re always looked up upon. In our world, they’re kind of a nuisance,” Hudgens said of Powerless, which also stars Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi. “This show isn’t about them. This show is about normal people trying to live their lives.”

premieres this fall on NBC.

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