Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Dance, Drink Beers and Share Secrets on 'Saturday Night Live' Finale


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have settled their differences with a dance session -- on the Saturday Night Live stage, that is!

During the cold open of the sketch comedy show's season 41 finale on Saturday, the Democratic presidential rivals, portrayed by Larry David and Kate McKinnon, exchange digs while chatting over beers. Yet once the drinks kicked in, the two seemed to get along just fine.

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The highlight of the skit was undoubtedly when Clinton asked Sanders to dance with her. He first claimed that he "doesn't dance," but then immediately stood up when she bribed him with "three super delegates." The two held hands and epically danced around the stage and into the audience to the tune of Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" from The Nutcracker.

The two also traded secrets while sitting at the bar. "Listen, Hillary. This might be the beer talking, but can I tell you a secret?" Sanders asked. "You know how I constantly rail at the upper class? Well, sometimes when I go to sleep at night, I dream about being a fancy millionaire or billionaire. And then I dream that I wear a fancy hat. I say fancy things like, 'I'll have a tuna sandwich on a croissant.'"

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Clinton chimed in, saying, "Can I tell you a secret? I've never told anyone this, but you know the presidency? I really, really want it!"

"And you know what else?" she added. "I don't really like people. I only talk to them because I want to be the president so bad. Please don't tell, don't tell!"

"I think they know," Sanders quipped back.

Watch the full skit below.

While the well-received episode was full of laughs, another stand-out moment from the finale was a hilarious sketch led by the night's host, SNL vet Fred Armisen. Cast members Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant couldn't keep it together, breaking character a few times in response to Armisen's hilarious antics during a skit titled "New Girlfriend," where he played one of his recurring characters, an absurd woman named Regine.

This go-round, Regine was the girlfriend of guest star Jason Sudeikis' character. When the pair attended a get-together at the home of one of Sudeikis' friends, things got awkward when Sudeikis showed off how easily aroused Regine gets when he blows in her ear, tickles the back of her knee and kisses her neck.

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This isn't the first time we've seen the SNL cast break character, however. When Ryan Gosling hosted the show last December, he couldn't stop himself from giggling during a sketch with McKinnon and Cecily Strong about being abducted by aliens.

Watch the video below to re-live all the funny moments from Gosling's hosting debut.