EXCLUSIVE: 'Southern Charm' Star Patricia Altschul Gives Her Take on Whitney and Kathryn's 'Relationship'

The grande dame of Charleston, South Carolina, tells ET it was just a 'Southern sleepover.'

“I mean, at my age, I'd thought I'd be sitting on my chaise, eating bonbons and reading trashy novels,” Patricia Altschul says with a laugh, “Or looking for a new husband -- something kind of fun. Now they've got me working … Whitney has me on this show!”

She’s working -- and working it. Patricia, or “Pat” as her friends call her, is the no-nonsense star of Southern Charm, the hit Bravo docuseries following the lives of a group of friends in Charleston, South Carolina. Pat is mother to Whitney Sudler-Smith, who helped develop, stars in and executive produces the show.

“He wanted to give me just a little walk-on part,” Pat tells ET. “I bet Whitney wished he'd kept me off the show!”

For some reason we doubt that. Pat has become the breakout character of the series (“I don’t know about that. Character, maybe,” she jokes), saying what everyone else is afraid to about the goings-on in Charleston. Check out the video to the left to get her take on the whole cast!

“I mean, it is drama playhouse to the nth degree,” Pat explains. “I'm always surprised that all of this happens in our sleepy, little Southern town.”

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Currently in the midst of season three, the show’s drama at the moment is centered on Pat’s son, with Kathryn Dennis confessing to Craig Conover on the latest episode that she had a secret relationship with Whitney years ago. Of course, Pat had something to say on the matter.

“What can I say?” she starts. “I live in one wing of the house, and at that time, Whitney was living at the other wing. And I think that this whole contrivance that there was a relationship is misconstrued. I mean... I don't like to use the term one night stand. I prefer 'sleepover.'”

“I think this was just a good, old-fashioned Southern sleepover,” Pat adds. “I mean, I never saw her in the house except once.”

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“The funny thing is, she was talking about having a relationship that went on for a week and a half,” Pat notes. “I mean, I think that it was relations -- they had relations, they did not have a relationship.”

The story will continue to play out on-screen in this week’s episode, airing Monday night on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET. Pat promises more drama to come, including at a dinner party from hell previewed in this season’s premiere. Hear what Southern Charm stars Cameran Eubanks and Shep Smith had to say about that blowout in the video below.