EXCLUSIVE: Julie Chen Models on 'The Price Is Right' for 'Big Brother' Crossover Special

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Big Brother host Julie Chen got to "come on down" and try her hand at guessing on The Price Is Rightprimetime crossover special airing Tuesday, and she dished to ET after the taping.

"I did have a little help from the audience -- and there are no experts like The Price Is Right audience -- but I was playing backstage guessing the box of crackers," Chen told ET. "I said $4.99. They were $3.99. Not bad."

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The Talk moderator and Big Brother host also got to be a model for a day, but she won't be giving up her two day jobs anytime soon.

"It feels like you're doing a decent job, because you think you're doing it the way that the professionals do it," she explained. "And then you see the tape and you go, 'Oh my goodness! I'm, like, awful!'"

On Tuesday's show, former Big Brother houseguests Frankie Grande (season 16), Britney Godwin (seasons 12 and 14) and James Huling (season 17) will compete for their charities of choice. The episode marks the second of three The Price Is Right reality crossover specials. Former Survivor castaways Natalie Anderson (season 29), Jeremy Collins (seasons 29 and 31) and Joe Anglim (seasons 30 and 31) went toe to toe on Monday night, and on Wednesday, former The Amazing Race contestants Leo Temory and Jamal Zadaran (seasons 23 and 24) and Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl (season 28) will get their chance to guess prices on the CBS game show.

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After Chen made an appearance on The Price Is Right, ET wondered if game show host Drew Carey would ever consider switching the tables and be a houseguest on Big Brother.

"No, but if I did, I would end up the most hated person in the history of Big because they would go, 'I can't believe Drew Carey screwed that guy over like that!'" Carey said. "I would really try to win. I'm very competitive. Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Risk -- you name it. I just don't play to play. I like to win."

Chen and Carey both agreed that out of the three game shows, The Amazing Race might be the most fun.

"Amazing Race because I don't need to make deals with anybody except to be smart and fast," Carey explained.

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"I'm with you," Chen said. "Amazing Race because you have a partner in crime and it's someone that it is either your best friend or like your sibling or your spouse."

The remaining Price Is Right primetime specials will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesday (Big Brother) and Wednesday (The Amazing Race) on CBS.