Meet Buzzy Cohen! The 'Jeopardy!' Champ Knows You Hate Him and He Thinks It's Funny

ET got to know the man behind the buzz, who has polarized the 'Jeopardy!' audience.

ET got to know the man behind the buzz, who has polarized the Jeopardy! audience.

Austin "Buzzy" Cohen has earned $164,000 during his nine-day winning streak on the popular game show, but what really has people talking is his smug (or sexy?) demeanor.

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With disparaging tweets like, "Has there ever been a more punchable @Jeopardy champion than Buzzy Cohen?" to more favorable ones like, "I have never loved a man the way I love Buzzy Cohen on #jeopardy," it appears the Internet has cultivated a deep love/hate relationship with the overnight star.

"It's pretty amazing," Buzzy told ET. "I definitely feel like I'm way out of my league. I had a lot of lucky breaks."

Buzz admitted that he wasn't sure he'd win at all. Now, nine days strong, he dished on part of his strategy.

"The thing people may not realize is you can't buzz before Alex [Trebek] is done with the clue," Buzzy clarified. "If you buzz in before, you get locked out ... You have to wait and time it right when Alex is done reading the clue. What you can't see at home is there are lights that kind of help you. What I did was I would read ahead and figure out if I knew it and studied his rhythm. I would watch the show with a ball point pen and practice buzzing in."

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The 31-year-old married music executive took ET to his Los Angeles office, where he revealed how he came up with his signature moves of dusting the shoulder and the slick hand through the hair.

"My co-workers and my friends were like, 'Will you promise to do something we can turn into a gif?'" he explained. "After the third or second win I was like, 'OK, I'll give them something.'"

Of course, not everyone has been a fan of his celebratory gestures. While some people might avoid reading the hordes of negative comments about them, Buzzy told ET he's taking the good with the bad.

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"I'm having fun with it, as you can tell," he said. "I find that people who hate me are as funny to read about as the people who love me. This is it. I'm only on Jeopardy! once. I'm only going to get this level of hate once. I'm taking it all in. It's really funny."