'The Bachelorette': 7 Times Chad Proved to be the Biggest 'Super Douche' in the House!

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This week on The Bachelorette, Chad was the ultimate four-letter word. Or six, if the word you’re spelling is "douche."

In JoJo Fletcher's second week of looking for love, the brunette beauty's journey was completely overshadowed by everyone's immense hatred for one man in particular: Chad.

The 28-year-old luxury real estate agent managed to completely piss off each and every man in the house with Olivia Caridi levels of villainous speed. Throughout the episode,  other contestants labeled him "toxic," "the worst," "a complete joke," and -- our personal favorite -- "super douche."

Here are the eight moments when Chad proved to be the biggest "super douche" in the house…

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1. When He Showed Off His Extra Baggage:
Chad wasn't invited on the first group date of the week, so he chose to spend his day working out in the Bachelorette mansion -- but he did it in the most bro-tastic way possible. While shirtless (natch), he put on a weightbelt and proceeded to attach his luggage to it. He then decided to do pull-ups on the awning by the pool while his suitcase swang from his hips.

2. When He Refused to Participate in the House Sing-a-Long:
When the other men in the house chose to make up cute little tunes about JoJo, Chad was fiercely against their sing-a-longs. "Are y'all worried about the fact that you're going to sing a song to a girl that y'all have like known for less than a day?" he snarled.

3. When He Completely Shut Down JoJo's Games:
When it was finally time for group date #2, Chad and the other guys were tasked with spinning in circles then times and then running over and proposing to JoJo with a heartfelt speech. (God this show is so bizarre.) The only thing Chad said to JoJo is, "Will you marry me?" and when he was asked to elaborate, he refused. "You need me to tell you all the things I love about you? Starting off a little naggy here," he snapped to The Bachelorette. "If I'm getting nagged, I'm going to say something."

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4. When He Was Brutally Honest (Yet Totally Justified):
And the Chad-isms didn't stop there! "Y'all don’t know her yet," Chad said to his fellow contestants following his proposal fail. "You can't be in love with her and if you are that's weird." While we'll admit that Chad is justified in his L-word hesitations, we will say that his delivery was a tad too harsh. "All of you guys just lied to her," he later continued. "You just told a girl all the things you love about her, but you don’t know sh*t about her. I'm the only one looking back that was honest with her."

5. When He Admitted He Wasn't Expecting to Actually Like JoJo:
During Chad's one-on-one time with JoJo, the self-proclaimed "a**hole" admitted a shocking revelation: he actually liked JoJo. GASP! "I came into this thing thinking there's no way I'll actually really have feelings for this girl," Chad said in the Bachelorette confessional. "I didn’t think it was possible for me to get that giddy feeling, but I feel that. Now I actually am starting to develop some real feelings for her." Umm… then why did you sign up for the show in the first place, buddy?

6. When He Hogged JoJo at the Cocktail Party:
For someone who wasn't even planning on having a connection with JoJo, he sure as hell wasted no time on wooing her at the rose ceremony cocktail party. Chad immediately whisked JoJo away before she even had a chance to step foot inside the mansion, and he repeatedly stole her time from other men in the house. The other guys were outraged and took this as the ultimate sign of disrespect. Sigh… men.

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7. When He Proved to be the Ultimate Meathead:
By the end of the episode, Chad made it very clear that there was only one thing he was lusting after in the Bachelorette mansion: the buffet table. Every time the camera focused on him, he had yet another mound of meat on his plate -- he even snacked and smirked during the rose ceremony!

In the end Chad ended up getting the last rose of the night, but we're not mad about it. Now we have even more "super douche" moments coming our way, and we can't wait to see how this all eventually explodes on our screens.

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