EXCLUSIVE! 'Versailles' First Look: Watch the Scandalous Trailer For Your Next TV Obsession!

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Imagine the political intrigue of Downton Abbey, the thrills of Game of Thrones, and the blush-worthy steaminess of Outlander

Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well then, please allow us to introduce you to your next TV obsession: Versailles.

The King Louis XIV-centric period drama has already been turning heads and sparking headlines in France as well as the U.K. and now, only ET has your exclusive first look at the U.S. trailer debut!

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Originally produced by French broadcaster Canal Plus, Versailles will debut here in The United States on Ovation, a network dedicated to arts and cultural programs, this October.

The historical-inspired series will depict the saga of Sun King Louis XIV, a paranoid young monarch, played by Vikings star George Blagden, and his quest to build the vast Château de Versailles and set France on a path towards a revolution.


"What was most important to me as we filmed season one is to show the psychological journey of this man from boy king to Sun King," Bladgen recently shared with ET on Versailles' extravagant set in Paris, France.

Lavish costumes, political backstabbing, and sultry bedroom scenes and are just a few of the key highlights viewers can expect to see when Versailles hits the air.

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"What we really try show in the show is those moments between the historical points that have been recorded and trying to push the boundaries as far as we can for dramatic license," Blagden continued.

is the most expensive French TV series ever, weighing in at an average of €2.7 million -- or more than $3 million -- per episode making it more than twice the average cost of an episode of Downton Abbey.

"With Versailles it's nothing that most people -- other than, I don’t know, Beyonce or Jay-Z -- can relate to," Bladgen shared with a laugh. "It's totally falling into another world that I think people will fall in love with, and seeing this different take on this history that people really might not know that much about."

Season one of Versailles will premiere in the United States on Oct. 1 on Ovation.