Meet the Crop of Amazing Women on 'American Ninja Warrior' That Could Bring the Show's First Female Winner

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ET recently went behind the scenes of American Ninja Warrior to meet some of the wonder women taking over the sports competition show.

"I think muscles is the new black," rock climber Natalie Duran told ET. "And I think that's why women love American Ninja Warrior."

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Duran is one of many ladies competing in season 8 of the NBC show. Prior to this season, the top female competitor has been former gymnast Kacy Catazaro, who made it all the way to the finals in season 6 and is back this year for another shot.

"Everyone told me I was too small, I was just a girl, I'd never make it up the wall," said Catanzaro, who stands 5' tall and weighs 100 pounds. "I did it because I believed in myself."

It took seven seasons for anyone, male or female, to claim the $1 million grand prize. Isaac Caldiero became the show's first winner last September when he conquered Stage 4 of Mt. Midoriyama in 26.14 seconds. This time around, Catazaro has hopes for becoming the first female winner.

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"People used to say things like, 'You did well for a girl,'" Catazaro said. "I think that's really not existing anymore and I love that."

American Ninja Warrior airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.