David Letterman Suggests 'Late Show' Should Have Gone to a Woman After He Retired

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David Letterman doesn't miss hosting the Late Show.

After 33 years as a clean-shaven late-night host, Letterman retired last summer and was replaced by Stephen Colbert. In a recent interview with NBC News' Tom Brokaw, he admits that he rarely thinks about his past life on TV. "It’s interesting, I thought for sure I would. And then, the first day of Stephen’s show, when he went on the air, an energy left me and I felt like, ‘You know, that’s not my problem anymore,''' he explained. "I’ve kind of felt that way ever since. I devoted so much time to the damage of other aspects of my life. The concentrated, fixated, focusing on that. …It’s good now to not have that."

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Letterman adds that after nearly a year out of the limelight, he "couldn't care less about late-night television."

He also thinks there should be more women in late night. "I’m happy for the guys -- men and women -- there should be more women," Letterman touts. "And I don’t know why they didn’t give my show to a woman. That would have been fine."

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That being said, Letterman seems pleased with how the Late Show With Stephen Colbert is going. "You know, I’m happy for their success," he continues. "And they’re doing things I couldn’t do. So that’s great."

Letterman's full interview airs on June 12 at 10p/9c on NBC's On Assignment.

Since his retirement, Letterman has adopted a whole new look. Ditching his suits and his razor, the comedian looks nearly unrecognizable with his big beard and casual clothing. Here's a look at his transformation:

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