EXCLUSIVE: 'Jane the Virgin' Boss Confirms Jane Will Finally Have Sex in Season 3 - Get All the Sultry Details

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After two seasons of heated twists and swoon-worthy turns -- it's time for the big moment: Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) will (finally!) have sex in Jane the Virgin's third season.

"Yes, yes, yes -- it's happening!" Jane the Virgin's executive producer, Jennie Snyder Urman, confirmed to ET over the weekend at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas. "She'll lose her virginity this year for sure."

Once you're finished saying "Hallelujah!" to the TV gods, we've got the exclusive scoop on what kind of "fireworks" we can expect from the highly anticipated moment, and how the show's title will change after Jane is no longer "the Virgin" that we've all come to know and love.

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Initially, we assumed -- in true TV fashion -- that the smash CW series was going to make us wait all the way until the season three finale for Jane's big moment, but the showrunner quickly corrected us.

"Definitely not," Snyder Urman stressed. "I definitely never want it to be a season opener or a season finale. To me, it feels like it puts too much pressure on it, and that isn't what the show is about at its core. I just wanted to put that moment in the show, but not build to fireworks."

The CW

While seasons one and two tackled the topics of pregnancy and motherhood, respectively, Snyder Urman revealed that the theme of Jane the Virgin's third season is "growing up" -- and Jane losing her virginity will be a small cornerstone of our heroine's evolution.

"I don’t have an image and I don’t yet know what it will look like," the Jane boss confessed of the highly anticipated scene. "There's a lot of pressure on that moment and I haven't drilled down -- so to speak -- on what will happen. I have a lot of different ideas on what that will be, and how big to make it, and how many complications and so forth, so I'm excited about that, but also nervous because I want to execute it well."

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She added, "I'm also excited for it to happen so that any last questions that that's what the show is about, is answered."

As for the show's title, Snyder Urman already has a plan in place for what will happen after Jane is no longer a virgin. "We'll cross out 'the Virgin' and then we'll continue on," she said. "I think it will always say Jane the Virgin and then we'll just cross it off each time."

Only one question remains, of course: who will Jane lose her virginity to?

When we last saw Jane, she and Michael had just exchanged tear-jerking vows at their wedding and the newlyweds were just about to (finally!) consummate their relationship for the first time. But in a truly-shocking telenovela twist, Michael was shot in the chest by his partner --who was actually drug lord Sin Rostro in disguise -- and now his fate hangs in the balance.

"Regardless of if Michael lives or if Michael dies, it's what happens after?" she explained. "After something so traumatic, can you still hold on to your sense of magic a little bit? It’s continuing that move from fantasy to reality."

Season three of Jane the Virgin will premiere this fall on The CW.