'Barely Famous' Stars Sara and Erin Foster Want to Find Kate Hudson a Man So They Don't Have to Compete for Gu

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Sara and Erin Foster have a good reason for wanting to help Kate Hudson find love.

The sisters talked to ET while gearing up for the second season of their VH1 reality show, Barely Famous, where they joked that the Almost Famous star can be tough to compete with when it comes to guys.

"She's a huge catch, we don't worry about her," Erin told ET's Denny Directo, with Sara adding: "She does not need us to set her up."

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"I don't like hanging out with her when I'm single because I don't want to compete with her for guys," Erin explained. "I actually want to wife her up, so that I can have the singles to myself... don't need to compete with Kate Hudson, are you crazy?"

While their series is basically a riff on celebrity reality TV shows, the Foster sisters have still managed to pull a solid lineup of A-listers for their second season, including Hudson, Jessica Alba, and Chelsea Handler. What they don't like to call their friend group, however, is a squad.

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"We try not to play into the squad thing 'cause I think it makes people feel left out," Erin shared. "Our friend group is always evolving and it's filled with women who work their a**es off, who are busy, who are strong, who are smart, who are ambitious, and everyone's like on a hustle to get something happening."

"But everyone's also supportive of one another," Sara added.

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And though Sara and Erin's dad, David Foster, has split with Yolanda Hadid, the pair say they are still close with their former stepsisters, Bella and Gigi Hadid.

"They're the best," Erin noted. She added that the two keep in touch with all their stepsiblings, saying, "We're still very close, regardless of what happens with your parents."

"You try to keep it separate, because it has nothing to do with the kids," Sara explained.

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Season 2 of Barely Famous premieres on Wednesday, June 29 at 10/9c on VH1.

Meanwhile, on a more somber note, Erin and Sara spoke with ET at L.A. Pride over the weekend in the wake of the Orlando shooting massacre.

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