EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Says 'All' of the Liars Could Still Be A: 'Think of That Five-Year Gap'

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Season seven of Pretty Little Liars premieres on June 21 and the girls are after Rosewood’s biggest, baddest, villain yet – Uber A.

ET was with the cast and the show’s executive producers at the spooky premiere party in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on June 15 – and get this – one of the ‘Little Liars’ could still be A.

But before we get to that, we think it’s important to note that the show’s big boss, Marlene King, told us we don’t have to get our A's confused. Oh, and we also have some scoop on Hanna’s fate -- and the fate of the show. (We’ll have that for you tomorrow.)

“There was original A and that was Mona. Then there was Big A and that was Charlotte. Uber A is the same person as A.D. and A-moji,” King explained to ET. “There's always the possibility that A.D. has a team helping A.D. but I think the easiest way to explain it is A.D. was born after Charlotte's death. That was sort of the invention of why this character needed to torture the girls and was just sort of playing around with the emojis and then really owns the title of A.D. moving forward.”

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So, could Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer, or even Ali hold that title?

“It’s always a possibility, it's always a possibility,” she added. “I mean, it seems unlikely but you just never know.”

And King’s co-showrunner, Charlie Craig, says that’s been an idea they’ve toyed with moving into the new season.

“I will say that question is one we’ve discussed in the writers’ room," Craig shared, adding that the five-year time jump will also come into play.

“All of the ‘Little Liars’ could be A,” he revealed. “Think of that five-year gap, what could have happened in that five-year gap? We have fun flashbacks to go back and see how Hanna got from here to there -- and all of them frankly. Those stories, that past will help inform what they’re doing now.”

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Lucy Hale
doesn’t think the idea is far-fetched.

“I think there is the head honcho that’s sort of working with her little or his little minions,” she told ET. “I definitely think it’s possible for one of the girls to be involved. I think there has been so much dishonesty even between these girls who try to be truthful with each other. I think it'd be an interesting choice.”

And the 27-year-old brunette beauty is still hoping Aria turns out to be Rosewood’s most wanted.

“I mean, I'm a super feminist right now, so i think a girl could have planned all of this, but who knows! I think everyone would want to be the bad guy! I think that’s always like the fun choice and would be really fun to play: good girl gone bad!”

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Troian Bellisario
is also vying for the villainous part.

“I’ve always been saying that Spencer is A! I would love it so much, I think it’d be so fun. But the only thing that I can't wrap my head around is how we would torture ourselves so effectively and also when we're alone. You have to go the extra length to trap yourself in the fun-house and then freak out to the point of like – I don’t even know -- it would have to be some serious fight club, Tyler Durden stuff.”

But what about one of Rosewood’s most mysterious players since season one, Jenna?

Tammin Sursok
is back after a nearly two-year break – and she’s up to no good.

“[The Little Liars] are completely shocked, they're not excited. I do some terrible things,” she shared. “You’re going to not like me and then I cry and then you might like me again 'cause you’ll pity me.”

“I have a few scenes with Shay [Mitchell], who plays Emily, and she does not like me right now!" Sursok noted.

“I’ve always said that I’m the evil character and I feel like I’m the victim,” she added. “I’ve definitely been victimized, but wouldn’t it be funny if I was the evil person. It would be amazing.”

“I want to be Uber A!” she joked. “People are like, ‘Who is Uber A?' It's me!”

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Sasha Pieterse
and Tyler Blackburn also revealed whether they think Ali or Caleb is capable of being A.D. Watch the video above to see what they said.

And stick with ETonline for more PLL scoop. We’ve got the latest on Emison, Ezria, Haleb, and Spoby coming your way.

But in the meantime, do you think it’s possible one of the girls is Uber A?

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Pretty Little Liars
season seven premieres on June 21 at 8:00 on Freeform.  

Will Emison get back together?! Will Spencer find out about Haleb's kiss? Check out the video below for Rosewood romance spoilers!