UPDATE: 'Bachelorette' Suitor Jordan Rodgers Denies His Raya Profile Is Active in Lengthy Statement

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The Bachelorette
’s Jordan Rodgers is denying that he's an active member of an exclusive dating app, blaming his account on a billing error.

After ET reported that the 27-year-old former NFL player -- who is currently a suitor on JoJo Fletcher’s season -- has an active profile on the exclusive dating network Raya, Rodgers denied that he’s still using the app.

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“Completely false,” Rodgers tweeted on Wednesday, denying that his Raya account is still active. “Acct inactive since Feb + completely cancelled exact min phone was returned 2 me in May.”

Following his initial tweet, Rodgers went on to provide a lengthy statement, claiming that he “inactivated” his Raya profile “immediately before filming” on The Bachelorette began in mid-March and hasn’t used it since he wrapped. Unlike Tinder or other dating apps, Raya accounts are linked to Instagram users and verified before being accepted.

“Per contract, immediately after my filming on the show ends I cannot use these types of applications nor would I want to breach my contract by doing so,” Rodgers continued. “I immediately deleted the profile as soon as I had access to do so. However the auto renewal had already been processed through the month of May and into June.”

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A source who uses the app told ET last week that they came across Rodgers’ profile on Raya (@jrodgers11, also his Twitter and Instagram handles), which states that he lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is originally from Chico, California. On Wednesday, blogger Reality Steve posted a screenshot he was sent that appeared to have been taken that day suggesting that Rodgers' account was still active.

“Despite this I have not used this app, had it on my phone, or accessed it in any capacity since my portion of filming was done,” Rodgers claimed, before re-emphasizing: “I have not used Raya in any capacity since before the show despite auto pay renewal being active unbeknown [sic] to me.”

“I would not be dumb enough to breach my contract or do anything related to a dating app to give any insight to what may or may not have happened on the show,” he added.

Rodgers continued on to say he plans to reach out to Raya to “assure this matter gets addressed,” providing a screenshot of an email that showed that his Raya subscription was about to expire on June 13, not that it “was terminated” like he said in the note.

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On Thursday, Rodgers took to Twitter again, stating that he had "contacted Raya tech support for further confirmation." He attached two screenshots of the emails (subject line: "I unsubscribed but people are screenshotting my profile still") allegedly exchanged between him and the Raya tech support team.

In a message dated June 22 at 10:07 p.m., Rodgers wrote: "Thanks you so much. Is there a way you can email the date I deleted the app and or last time accessing it?"

"It appears as though the last time there was any activity from your account was March 11th," the response message from Raya read.

This isn't the first time Rodgers has found himself the center of attention while vying for Fletcher's heart.

The same night season 12 of the ABC reality series premiered, Brittany Farrar, a trainer claiming to be his ex-girlfriend, took to Instagram to throw some serious shade. Farrar claimed he was a cheater and didn't sign on onto the show for the right reasons.

"Riding the bench doesn't get in the way of a relationship, but cheating does," Farrar wrote, using the hashtags "#yourpitchisntperfect" "#alwayswantedtobefamous" "#dreamscometrue" and "#tuneinnextweekformoreBS."

ET caught up with Fletcher last month, where she revealed she knew Rodgers was one of her suitors before he made his limo entrance. She was also aware that he was the younger brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

"A week before this whole thing started I think his name got leaked, and it was kind of all over the internet, so, you know, it's like 'Jordan Rodgers, brother of Aaron' -- so that's what I knew going into it," Fletcher told ET's Nancy O'Dell. "Before I met him ... I knew just that tidbit about him, but nothing else, and I don't think it made a difference either way."