EXCLUSIVE: 'Orange Is the New Black' Cast Totally Wants to Do a Musical Episode -- and Has a Few Ideas on How


Let’s be perfectly
clear: the Orange Is the New Black
cast is one talented group.

Not only can they
act, but they can also sing and dance
as proven by the many cast members who have starred on Broadway -- Danielle Brooks,
Kimiko Glenn, Beth Fowler -- or tackled outside projects -- Laverne Cox in Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show and Uzo Aduba
in NBC’s The Wiz Live! -- in between
seasons of the show. Then, of course, there are the rockers, including Taryn Manning and
Annie Golden, in the cast.

“Everyone is a
singer onset for the most part,” Selenis Leyva (Gloria Mendoza) tells ET.

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So it should come as
no surprise that most of the ladies of Litchfield would be up for a musical
episode. “We’ve been saying that since day one,” Glenn (Brook Soso) says, adding:
“I love to sing!”

“I’ve pitched that
to [creator] Jenji [Kohan] a thousand times,” Lea DeLaria (Carrie "Big
Boo" Black) says, with Adrienne C. Moore (Cindy "Black Cindy"
Hayes) saying that she’s been asking for one the last two seasons. 

It wouldn’t be
too far-fetched considering Grey’s
, Scrubs, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have all done
it in the past

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But what exactly does an OITNB musical episode look like?

Both Glenn and Leyva
think it should be a Christmas special, with Glenn suggesting that it could be
released in between seasons. “It's a full year you have to wait when it comes
out,” she says. “We should release it during our hiatus.”

Though, if it’s done
during the regular season, Leyva says it could be “a dream sequence.” But she
cautions that it should happen toward the end of OITNB’s run. “I think that we would lose a lot of street cred,” she
says with a laugh. “I would say, let's keep it on the back burner for a reunion


One thing is for sure: “We have to do original songs,” Moore says, with Brooks (Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson) adding, “There are too many genres of amazing-ness going on that we'd have to make our own stuff. And a lot of people write their own stuff.”

And if it does happen, there’s at least one sequence Moore would like to see set in the Litchfield cafeteria. “Do you remember Fame? There's, like, the cafeteria scene where they're dancing on the tables,” she says. “We definitely have to have one of those moments.”

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So, Kohan take note. The cast really, really wants to do a musical episode because from the sound of it (“The musical actually happens when the cameras cut and we’re backstage singing,” DeLaria reveals) it's already happening.

Hey, and if it turns out to be a hit, then maybe there’s a Tony Award in Netflix’s future. “We could go on Broadway one day,” Manning (Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett) offers.