Hulu's 'Difficult People' Season 2 Trailer Brings the Insanity -- and Celebrity Cameos!


Billy Eichner
and Julie Klausner are back!

Hulu’s Difficult People, executive produced by Amy Poehler, returns for its sophomore season this summer, and the first official trailer shows just how much things haven’t changed with Billy and Julie as the best friends continue to navigate New York City.

In the new season, Billy and Julie continue their quest for fame, which has become increasingly difficult, along with progressing their personal lives. That means finding a boyfriend for Billy as Julie tries her best to fully commit to Arthur while still attempting to avoid motherhood.

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The duo even get their own intern, who you meet in the 90-second teaser -- and, well, you can imagine how well that goes.

Among the celebrities dropping by the critically-acclaimed comedy are Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gabourey Sidibe, Rachel Dratch, Fred Armisen and Nathan Lane.

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In October, Eichner spoke to ET about the online backlash from a NSFW joke about R. Kelly and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, featured in an episode from the first season.

"That was so ironic, that whole situation -- it shows you the world that we're living in,” the comedian-actor said at the time. “I mean, people are so short-sighted and so dumb. Just so dumb. And we're living in this world of knee-jerk reactions. People living to get outraged on a daily basis. You don't have to react anymore, because the next day there will be a new outrage.”

Season two of Difficult People premieres July 12 on Hulu.

Last year, Eichner was joined by David Letterman for Billy on the Street. Watch the video below.