EXCLUSIVE: Snoop Dogg Shows Off His Impressive Marijuana Knowledge With Martha Stewart on '$100,000 Pyramid'

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Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are the perfect match when it comes to ABC's revival of $100,000 Pyramid!

The new version of the classic game show will be hosted by Michael Strahan and the format of the series remains the same: Two teams of celebrities and average Joes are paired up to give and receive clues in various word-association games. The victors then get a chance to play in a bonus round, where they can win a huge monetary prize worth of as much as -- you guessed it! -- $100,000.

To demonstrate how the game is played, ABC enlisted the help of Martha and Snoop to play a few practice rounds -- and only ET has the hilarious never-seen footage that showcases Snoop's impressive knowledge of marijuana and lavish home fixtures! (Yes, we're serious about that last one.)

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In our first clip, above, Snoop smokes through Martha's hints (Pun totally intended!) and guesses secret words like weed, roach, fatty and joint in less than 40 seconds.

For the grand finale, Martha offers up this hilarious fun-fact as a clue: "It's the country code for the Czech Republic." Without skipping a beat, Snoop replies, "420, baby!" giving him a perfect score of seven out of seven in this Mary Jane-themed round.

For their second round, Martha once again offers up clues about items that can be found around an extravagant home, and Snoop nails words like duvet, ottoman, sconce and wainscoting all in an adorable British accent!

$100,000 Pyramid, which premieres on Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, is part of ABC's new game show block, Sunday Fun & Games, which also features Celebrity Family Feud, and Match Game.