EXCLUSIVE: Jenna's 'Pretty Little Liars' Return Comes With an Unexpected Love Interest: 'You Will Be Mad'

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Jenna is back on Pretty Little Liars and she’s up to no good!

Sure, she’s telling the Liars she’s back in Rosewood for Toby’s engagement, but Tammin Sursok says that’s not the exact truth.

“I don't think it's true . . . but I don’t think a lot of what she says is true at all,” the actress, who plays Jenna, tells ET.

“There's a lot of exciting things that are coming up . . . I band together with an old person who comes back to the show.”

“It's super salacious and naughty and some of it's funny and scary," Sursok adds. "It's a little bit of everything.”

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As for whether Jenna and Toby have even been in touch, we will definitely learn a lot more about their backstory.

“You do have a lot of flashbacks that come up, which is kind of exciting because you do see their relationship and how involved they've been," Sursok says.

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On last Tuesday’s episode, we learned Elliot’s real name is/was Archer Dunhill aka A.D.! We also saw Mona and Hanna discover Elliot/Archer’s burner phone – and after picking it up, they heard Jenna on the other end!

Sursok assures us that viewers will find out why she was calling the phone and who Elliot really is, and insists there’s more to discover when it comes to Elliot.

“As much as I can tell, you will find out a lot more about Elliot and a lot more about Jenna’s involvement with Elliot and a lot more of the Liars' involvement with Elliot," she promises. "Some stories are revealed!”

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But an unexpected romance in Jenna’s life may also cause a stir in Rosewood, and we should learn about that soon.

“Yes, you find out some stuff that's happened in the last five years of a love interest with Jenna, but it's not what you expect . . . it's a little weird,” Sursok teases. “You will be angry, you will find out who it is, and it is someone that you know.”


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