EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelorette' Villain Chad Johnson Feels Misunderstood, Talks Possibility of a Spinoff Show

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Chad Johnson wants everyone to know there's more to him than his less than flattering portrayal on season 12 of The Bachelorette.

ET recently caught up with one of the most infamous villains in the reality show's history at the "Men Tell All" taping in Los Angeles, where the 28-year-old Oklahoma native said he felt like certain aspects of his personality were misunderstood.

"In some aspects, I think I am [misunderstood]," Chad tells ET's Lauren Zima. "I mean, I think people got to see a lot of my sides. They got to see, you know, my humor, they got to see, you know, the way I was with a girl. I think that the way I was in the house sometimes was maybe portrayed a little weird, but what can you do?"

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Despite his confrontational ways on the show, Chad says he rarely ever gets into fights.

"Honestly, I haven't been in a fight in, like, five years. I don't ever get in fights," the luxury real estate agent insists. "If somebody annoys me, I just walk off, do my own thing, but the fact of the matter is, when you're in a show like that, you can't leave. You're stuck with all these dudes, so ..."

Chad says he wasn't actually familiar with The Bachelor prior to filming.

"No, never!" he stresses when asked if he ever watched the hit ABC show. "I watched, like, four minutes of the last Bachelor before I came. I probably should have watched more, but I thought I would just come in with the right attitude."

Chad now has some sincere advice for those looking to audition for the program.

"Figure out what you're looking for ... Don't come on the show not actually looking for a relationship and break somebody's heart," he says. "Or, if you are the person in charge of making the decisions, don't break the people coming on the show's hearts because people actually have feelings, and this isn't just a publicity stunt for a lot of people. This is something that people come into actually looking for a relationship in a very weird way."

ABC announced in June that Chad will be featured in the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. But earlier this month, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss took to Twitter to tease that Chad could be getting his very own spinoff!

Chad is coy with ET about the possibility, but again, insists that he would only do a show for the right reasons.

"We'll figure it out," Chad says. "If I did, you know, I wouldn't be doing it to get famous. I just want to watch the thing, I'll tell you that."

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The Bachelorette
airs on Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC, with next week's episode revolving around the overnight Fantasy Suite dates. The "Men Tell All" special airs on Tuesday.

Watch the video below to see six things we'd want to see in Chad's potential spinoff show!