EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Turner is Exhausted By 'Death Parties' for 'Game of Thrones' Characters

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George R.R. Martin better stop killing off Game of Thrones characters, for the sake of Sophie Turner's wallet.

ET's Ashley Crossan caught up with the actress after the hit HBO show's panel at Comic-Con, where she revealed she's tired of throwing "death parties" for her killed-off castmates.

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A drink heals all wounds for the Thrones cast, who have gotten used to drinking both to comfort themselves after every character's death, as well as to soothe nerves before Comic-Con. "We did a few vodka shots before. I don't remember much of the panel," Turner joked. "It was a good laugh, but it's always quite nerve-wracking, so we always have to have a few [shots] to calm our nerves."

After six seasons in the books, surviving members of the cast have become incredibly close -- but Turner made it quite clear that while she's sad to see her co-stars get killed off the brutal series, she's grown tired of the raging "death parties" that follow each death.

"I get upset with every death," the 20-year-old actress admitted. "But now it's become kind of like the normal thing, that we can no longer have the death parties for [castmembers whose characters are killed off] because otherwise we're spending too much money now buying people drinks."

"You know, it's like everyone dies," she continued. "It's like, 'Listen, I'm too tired. We've been out every night this week celebrating your last night on Thrones, so…"

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While Turner and her on-screen sister Maisie Williams both survived season six, Williams recently revealed she might be getting her own "death party" sooner than expected.

"At the end of the read through this season, I sat there thinking: 'God, they are setting up for the end,'" she told The Red Bulletin. "Every season we have been looking up to the next season, and now it feels like we are looking back down and are coming down to the end."

Game of Thrones
is expected to live through two more seasons at HBO, with fewer episodes than past seasons. While the news is hard to accept for Thrones fans, Williams did offer a small piece of hope: "It's still in no way predictable."

Season seven
of Game of Thrones will premiere in summer 2017.

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Catch up on the season six finale in the video below.

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