Superman Tyler Hoechlin Steals the Show at 'Supergirl' Comic-Con Panel (and Does the Famous Curl!)

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It was all about the Man of Steel in Supergirl.

Filming on the new season doesn't begin until next week, but the cast was already anticipating Superman's arrival in the superhero drama.

"Definitely incredibly surreal," new cast member Tyler Hoechlin said of landing the iconic role. "I know the character represents so much to so many people."

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"I was with a friend with his mom and his boyfriend. He came up to me and said, 'I had to shake Superman's hand,'" he continued. "This not a generational thing. This is something that’s spread across so much time. There's a responsibility to this character."

"It's about the family you came from. Now that Laura Benanti is full time playing Melania Trump, we have Clark to represent the family," executive producer Sarah Schecter said. "I think it's only natural now for Kara to reconnect with him."

Schecter said that Superman, who makes his debut in the season two premiere, and Supergirl will have their differences when it comes to how to best utilize her power. "Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on Earth. He was raised with them and has values," Schecter hinted. "We'll get into that."

Earlier in the month, Hoechlin told ET that he's had " couple of fittings" for the Superman suit and on Saturday's Comic-Con panel, said he still has "not tried on the suit yet. That'll be a moment for sure."

Chyler Leigh chimed in: "But he looks great in the Halloween costume!" "I tried it on and it didn't fit," added Jeremy Jordan, to which Mehcad Brooks deadpanned, "And I tried it on and it split in half."

In one of the funnier moments of the Supergirl panel, the panelists chided Hoechlin to do the famous Superman curl. Of course, Hoechlin obliged.

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Hoechlin isn't the only key addition to the new season, with Containment star Chris Wood playing a mysterious DC character as a new series regular. Schecter didn't offer a ton of details, only to say that he "was in the pod." Hmm…

Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter will play the president. As for why Carter makes her presence known, Schecter teased "because big things are happening. We should expect that a female president is going to lead well. We're with her, hashtag."

As for the burgeoning romance between Jimmy Olsen and Kara, their romance is going to get rocky.

"We ended up in a lip-lock. It's weird because I read [the premiere] an it starts with our wedding and I thought it was really fast," Brooks deadpanned, clearly joking. "It's a workplace relationship, it's a new relationship, It's going to have its ups and downs."

With Supergirl moving from CBS to The CW, Schecter took a moment during the 45-minute session to thank CBS for launching the show to millions of viewers.

"We're so grateful for CBS for launching the show, for putting Melissa on buildings all over the world," Schecter said. "We all do so much with The CW. There's a shorthand. When you say metahumans, they know what you mean."

premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.

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