'The Flash' Season 3: Tom Felton's Intro, New 'Arrow' Crossover and Everything Else You Need to Know!

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"Everything is different in Flashpoint."

That’s the theme of the third season of The Flash, which will see a very different Central City, thanks to Barry Allen's decision to save his mother all those years ago -- effectively changing the timeline and the events that follow.

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In the first look at the new episodes, Barry's parents are happily together, Barry and Iris don't know each other, and Cisco Ramon is the richest man in America. There's even an introduction of Wally West as Kid Flash.

Executive producer Todd Helbing warned that the consequences of Barry's decision is "going to ripple through the entire season" and will also affect other shows in the DC/The CW universe, most notably Arrow.

"It has its ripples throughout the whole universe," Todd Helbing said. "One of the effects is with Diggle himself. You'll have to tune in to see exactly how."

It will actually take a while for Barry to realize that the world around him is different when The Flash initially kicks off next season.

"When we find him, he's still living in that blind bliss and ignoring what changes are out there -- or at least unaware," Grant Gustin said. "He also knows that that conversation from the season two finale on the porch with Iris happened, as far as he knows… He's going to find her, and it's all going to be fine -- good old Barry logic."

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"He's been in this timeline for three months so he didn't grow up with Joe," Gustin continued, sharing that Barry's priority isn't to resolve this issue quickly. "He's kind of like, 'I'll figure this out later… I just need my parents alive and I got that. So, check!'"

Cisco may have the biggest change out of the main characters, of which fans got a taste of in the season three teaser.

"In that different timeline, Cisco is an ostentatious billionaire," Carlos Valdes said. His specialty? "Making money. Like, legitimately that's his arc. He's always flexing how rich and how much money he [has]."

Things aren't going so well for Joe West, either.

"He's very unhappy," Jesse L. Martin said. "Things at home aren't going well. He's having a particular issue with his only daughter. It doesn't seem solvable, so Joe gets quite depressed about it. It starts to affects his work… Barry is the one who makes sure Joe still has a job."

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The Flash
hit gold when the show cast Harry Potter fave Tom Felton as Julian Dorn, which was announced earlier this year. Felton couldn't help but give the franchise that started his career some love, saying he was last here at Comic-Con representing a franchise "symbolized by a lightning bolt and now here I am."

"Any character I play you should see as a threat," Felton said with a smile. "I honestly don't know. I tried to get both of these writers tipsy last night, to pry some information out of them. I'm not sure. In the first two episodes that we've gotten so for, there's definitely friction [with Barry]… There's some feathers ruffled."

"If the last two seasons have anything to go by, anything is possible. I could be a woman by episode six!" he added.

As for fans were hoping for a romantic moment between Barry and Iris in the near future, the producers also want to keep that hope alive. "In any timeline, Barry and Iris ultimately find each other," Todd Helbing said.

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The Flash
will also introduce two villains that Barry and company will need to fend off, including Dr. Alchemy, who is voiced by Tobin Bell. The other, Helbing revealed, "is a speedster that we'll reveal later."

 Emily Bett Rickards will make a cameo in the second episode of season three as well, where she'll be "giving advice," Gustin teased.

 See the season three teaser below.  

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