Katie Cassidy Is Returning to the 'Arrow' Universe -- Plus, Watch the Cast Sing 'Hamilton'!


This isn’t the last you’ve seen of Laurel Lance.

Though Laurel was killed off late in Arrow season four, Katie Cassidy will return to the Arrow universe, executive producer Wendy Mericle announced at Comic-Con on Saturday. Through a new deal, the 29-year-old actress will also appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash.

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It is unclear in what context Cassidy would be appearing across the three shows, but it’s safe to assume Laurel will still remain six feet under. “Katie Cassidy is not gone from this universe,” Mericle promised.

will soon hit the milestone mark of 100 episodes, which happens to coincide with Part 2 of the epic four-show crossover being planned that will now include Supergirl.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said that the timing couldn’t be more “perfect,” though failed to give any concrete details.

What we do know is with Team Arrow broken up at the end of season four, Oliver Queen -- now mayor of Star City -- is taking stock of his priorities.

“We see an Oliver that understands that it’s not black and white and that there are shades of gray,” Arrow star Stephen Amell said, adding that Oliver’s mission now is “honoring what my father told me to do: protect Star City.”

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“I don’t think this is the last year of the show but it’s definitely the end of a chapter,” he continued. “This was conceived as a five-year journey [and] if we do this year right then we’ll have the ability to start anew.”

Even so, Amell admitted that despite being mayor-elect, Oliver isn't so great at holding political office.

“He’s terrible because he’s alone,” he reasoned. “All of his energy and focus is being put in the Green Arrow. Thea is carrying all the water as mayor. He ran for mayor and was elected as mayor for very good reasons but those reasons have gotten lost in the shuffle.”

“He had a point of view. He had an ideology. All of those things would be interesting to explore on the show. So he needs to get his head out of his you know what,” Amell added.

One of the biggest questions heading into season five is the status of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship. At the end of the season, the formerly engaged couple was no longer together, and Amell said he’s enjoying playing the in-between.

“We have a very dynamic scene where we speak to each other as equals, as team members,” Amell said of a season five premiere moment between Oliver and Felicity. “I always thought Oliver’s most important relationship was to Star City -- that’s his main objective right now. I think it’s very clear he loves Felicity but I don’t know that that means they will be together.”

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The panel was also filled with some light-hearted moments, including when an audience member asked the Arrow cast to show off their singing pipes. Naturally, the cast chose to belt out tunes from Hamilton.

Then, Echo Kellum asked the Ballroom 20 crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” to Emily Bett Rickards, who turns 25 on Sunday.

Watch new footage from the upcoming fifth season in the trailer below.

returns Oct. 5 on The CW.

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