EXCLUSIVE: Tom Felton on Joining 'The Flash': 'I Already Feel Like Part of the Family'

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From one beloved franchise to another!

Harry Potter
star Tom Felton is officially joining the ranks of Team Flash in the CW show’s upcoming third season, when he steps into familiar shoes as Central City Police Department crime scene investigator Julian Dorn.

“It’s always very nerve-racking when you're joining such a well-oiled machine,” Felton told ET’s Leanne Aguilera during a Comic-Con Facebook Live session on Saturday. “But I’ve only been around them for less than a few days, and I already feel like part of the family.”

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The addition of Felton’s character comes thanks to the show’s ambitious Flashpoint storyline, a complex, comic-inspired universe in which Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was successful in traveling back in time and preventing his mother’s murder, thus introducing a brand-new universe in which he never went to live with Joe and Iris West (Jesse L. Martin and Candice Patton) and never became a CSI himself.

“There are characters that now exist on the show because of Flashpoint that wouldn't have been there otherwise... one of which is Tom's character,” Gustin explained. “So it's a whole new show!”

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Felton’s character wasn’t seen in the new teaser footage screened during the show’s Comic-Con panel, but the 28-year-old actor did speak to whether or not fans should be worried about some Malfoy-esque villainous tendencies.

"Any character I play you should see as a threat," Felton said with a smile, before admitting, "I honestly don't know.”

“I tried to get both of these writers tipsy last night, to pry some information out of them. I'm not sure,” he added. “In the first two episodes that we've gotten so for, there's definitely friction [with Barry]… There's some feathers ruffled."

Check out the season three teaser below:

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