'The Bachelorette' JoJo Broke [SPOILER]'s Heart in the Fantasy Suite -- and It Was Awkward As Hell!

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Damn, JoJo -- that was harsh!

It was time for the oh-so romantic overnight dates on this week's episode of The Bachelorette, but one man's time ended in heartbreak instead of a heated bedroom rendezvous. The question is, which boyfriend did she metaphorically "kick in the nuts" and send home early? Let us recap…

After last week's oh-so dramatic cliffhanger at the rose ceremony, JoJo ultimately decided to stick with her gut and send Luke home. "I miss him already," she said through her signature waterfall of tears and hysterical sobs as Luke's limo drove off. "What if that was a mistake? That scares me."

But as fast as you can say fantasy suite, JoJo was "so excited" and ready to spend her time in Thailand with her last three suitors: Jordan, Chase and Robbie.

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As we watched JoJo's one-on-one date with Robbie and then Jordan, we were overcome with a massive wave of déjà vu. Give or take a few ounces of hair gel, both Robbie and Jordan's dates were pretty much the exact same thing.

First, JoJo met up with her guy and exclaimed how much she "missed" him, and then warned said-suitor that she was "so sweaty" from the heat. Mmmkay. After playing around together on their day dates, (exploring a Thailand market with Robbie and a going on a hike with Jordan), JoJo exclaimed to the Bachelorette producers about how much she was "falling in love" with each man and what amazing "chemistry" they have together.

After choosing to "forgo their individual rooms and stay as a couple in the Fantasy Suite," JoJo (assumedly) made love with Robbie and Jordan and then made the exact same joke with each fella the next morning. "Awww," she cooed to both suitors once the Bachelorette cameras were allowed back in their suite. "It's our first breakfast together!"

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To top off the long list of similarities, JoJo also refused to tell Robbie and Jordan that she loved him, despite the fact that she openly dropped the L-bomb to the Bachelorette producers.
"I am in love with Robbie," she exclaimed to the cameras. "And there were moments last night when Robbie told me that he loved me and I wanted to tell him, but I know that the best thing to do at this point is to not say anything."

Cut-to the day after Jordan's date… "At this point Jordan and I both love each other," JoJo gushed. "There were times last night when Jordan would tell me how in love with me is and waking up was perfect."

As for Chase's date? Well, let's just say that things were far from perfect.

He and JoJo started off just like the other dates -- she also told him she missed him and once again exclaimed how sweaty she was -- and the two of them spent the day frolicking around Thailand and "trying to imagine a future together."

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But things took a turn for the painfully awkward as soon as they accepted the key to the fantasy suite. Chase, who has revealed many times how difficult it is to share his feelings, gathered up all of his pre-lovemaking emotion and told JoJo that he was officially in love with her.

"I love you," he cooed. "And it’s wild because I've never been the person who said that first. It's scary." Immediately after Chase's declarations of love, JoJo excused herself from the room and then returned with her mind made up: Chase was getting the boot and not the booty.

"I just threw myself out there and I just jumped over a hurdle that I've never done before and now I'm skewered. Now I’m shattered," an understandably angry Chase told JoJo."What do you want me to say? You've made me 100% regret saying that. Now love equals get the f**k out? That was so f**king terrifying for me to say and now look at where I end up."

Well, Chase -- If all goes according to plan, hopefully you'll end up as the next Bachelor.

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All airs Tuesday, July 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.