Shonda Rhimes Assures Fans 'Scandal' Isn't Over After 'GMA' Claims Show Is on Final Season

The show's creator quickly set the record straight on the future of 'Scandal.'

creator Shonda Rhimes was just as surprised as fans when Good Morning America's Lara Spencer announced on Wednesday morning that the sixth season of the show would be its last.

"Whoa, @GMA: I never said this was the final season of #scandal," Rhimes immediately tweeted. "Way to make me spit out my coffee!"

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One of Rhimes' followers sarcastically joked that the flub was "network synergy," calling out that both GMA and Scandal are on ABC. She quipped back, "Or just sheets covered in coffee."

Many Scandal fans were grateful for the clarification, while others couldn't help but share some funny gifs over the false announcement.

Spencer later went back on her comment, and Rhimes responded: "Thank you for the correction, @LaraSpencer -- you have my back!"

"@shondarhimes, always have your back! Always a #gladiator! #ScandalForever," Spencer further tweeted.

While the acclaimed showrunner has yet to confirm when Scandal will end, Rhimes has said that, unlike her other series, Grey's Anatomy, which is coming up on its 13th season, the drama has a "limited story."

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"I am not watching [Washington's character] Olivia Pope grow up," she told AdWeek in April. "I am watching a specific moment in time, and I feel like in order to tell the story correctly, you have to end it."

That begin said, the show's leading man, Tony Goldwyn, has implied that Scandal could be ending sooner rather than later. "I'm assuming at the end of next season, my presidency will be finished. So what happens to Scandal once there's a new president?" he pondered to the trade publication. "Either that's the end or Shonda has something in mind that may or may not include me, a whole other direction."

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On Tuesday, Rhimes and the cast reunited for a table read for the upcoming season, and shared a slew pics on social media. "Back at it! And sooooooo happy to be here. Love this beautiful #ScandalFam with ALL MY HEART," Bellamy Young wrote. "Gorgeous #gladiators, #Scandal #Season6 is gonna ROCK!"

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