EXCLUSIVE: TBS' 'Wrecked' Star Ally Maki Shares 7 Hilarious Lessons You Learn While Stranded on an Island!

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How would you fare if you were stranded on an island with a bunch of strangers?

TBS’ half-hour comedy, Wrecked, explores just that question in hilarious fashion. A group of unlikely personalities band together (or not) after their plane crashes on a remote island, where they’re forced to face unexpected threats -- mostly brought on by themselves. Asif Ali, Zach Cregger, Rhys Darby and Ally Maki are among the stars in the funny ensemble cast.

Ahead of Tuesday’s season one finale, ET asked Maki, who plays Jess, to share her pointers for surviving the ultimate test. Here are her seven pieces of advice to not getting wrecked on an island!

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1. Spray away thy pain.
Spraying chemical-filled Deet into pre-existing mosquito bites will cause immediate and scream-inducing pain, try the all-natural alternatives instead!


Get shady. If you are going to throw some shade at another passenger who may be causing unwarranted soap opera-style island drama with you, make sure you do it comfortably from under the shade of the nearest palm tree. You do not want to get burned.

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Ally Maki

3. Learn how to ration
. If you are a Starbucks maniac like I am, learn to order Venti iced coffees and ration them out over the course of a few days. If there is no Starbucks, then I am sorry but I really do not know how to help you.

4. Live in the now.
Do not even begin to fantasize on what is going on back at home or you will simply drive yourself nuts. Once your thoughts linger on what the newest collection of Fendi bags might smell like or how ah-mazing your island tan would look in that Vera Wang wedding dress you picked out eight years ago, you are screwed.

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Ally Maki

5. Learn from my character Jess' mistake
. If you are single and are going to peruse the other tan, SMOKIN' hot (hopefully, fingers crossed!) passengers on the island, proceed with caution. Last thing you want all over your non-sanitized hands is a rebound gone wrong that you cannot physically get away from. Do not forget you are STRANDED TOGETHER INDEFINITELY. Cut ties immediately and leave it at what it was: one jaw-dropping night of intense jungle passion.

6. Love thy furry friends.
If the company of other humans starts to become too impossible to bear, turn your attention to the four-legged and winged creatures to share all your incessant island drama with.

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Ally Maki

7. If all else fails…
When in doubt, dance it out.

airs its one-hour season one finale on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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