EXCLUSIVE: JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers On Sneaking Around Before 'Bachelorette' Finale: 'We Didn't Get Ca

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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers just couldn't help themselves when it came to seeing one another before the Bachelorette finale on Monday night.

The two couldn't be spotted together so as not to ruin the show's outcome -- ahem, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth -- but in an exclusive interview with ET on Tuesday, JoJo and Jordan revealed the time they met up undercover in Los Angeles!

... And it even required a little bit of disguise on Jordan's part.

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"There was one time, we were in L.A. for a couple days -- separate -- so, I borrowed a buddy's Halloween costume, a mullet wig and a trucker hat," Jordan, 27, tells ET's Jennifer Peros. "And took an Uber to her hotel and was kinda sneaking around a little bit."

"Our producers don't know!" JoJo, 25, says about Jordan's sweet gesture. "We didn't get caught! You can't be mad!"

Jordan says it was helpful that the show actually allowed them to see one other every two weeks.

"It made it so much nicer, and I mean, I don't know how before they used to never do this," he says. "Like, in the very, very beginning, I don't think they used to do the meetups."

Of course, it still wasn't easy not being able to see one another during all of the drama surrounding the couple. But Jordan says he never had any doubts about their relationship.

"The reason I got down on one knee is because I knew that she was the one person I wanted to work through all these problems with," Jordan explains. "Anything that comes -- came up -- that life through at us, we were going to work through, and we just kept going back to that commitment, knowing how we feel about each other. Like I said, not easy."

"Not easy to do apart when we're on the phone, or even when we're together," he adds. "We grew a lot and learned a lot about each other."

The two are obviously now happy to be free to take their romance into the real world. JoJo and Jordan just bought a house in Dallas, where JoJo still has a real estate company. Jordan, a former football player, will start working with ESPN and SEC Network as a college football analyst later this year.

"I think, for me, I'm most excited for people getting to see us how we are," JoJo says. "Just normal, not on a TV show. Seeing us for 'JoJo and Jordan' together, and not characters on a show."

They're also, of course, looking forward to tying the knot, which they hope will happen next year.

"I've been sending him a little Pinterest, like, photos...," JoJo excitedly says about wedding planning. "It's so weird that I was planning my wedding before I was ever engaged. So, I'm going back to my Pinterest board, and I'm like, 'Babe, do you like this? Do you like that?' We've been talking about it -- sometime next year."

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