EXCLUSIVE: 'America's Got Talent' Stars on Failed Flaming Arrow Trick: We're 'Feeling Lucky and Really Unlucky

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Stuntman Ryan Stock and his fiancee, stuntwoman AmberLynn Walker, went into Tuesday night's live taping of America's Got Talent with high hopes, but things didn't exactly go as planned -- namely, Walker accidentally shot Stock with a flaming arrow.

The crossbow arrow didn’t break skin, however, and Stock walked away alive and mostly unhurt, leaving the stuntman thankful, yet disappointed.

"I'm feeling lucky and really unlucky at the same time," Stock told ET's Denny Directo after the show.

While he's happy to be alive, the mishap was pretty frightening, and it's unclear how it's going to affect the couple's ability to advance on the show.

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The stunt in question involved Walker shooting a target sticking out of Stock's mouth, however things quickly went awry.

"In the moment, I thought I had messed up horribly," Walker explained. "[But] we reviewed the footage and my aim was on point."

As it turns out, the real culprit behind the near-death accident was actually equipment failure.

"Her laser dot was actually on the target," Stock explained. "I thought she had missed too and then we looked, and the notch on the arrow, on the back end, had broken."

Stock went on to explain how the arrow malfunctioning was actually better than if Walker had actually aimed poorly.

"If she had just missed, it actually would have gone probably through my neck but because of the way it slipped, it kinda came at an angle with less power," Stock said.

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Stock said he understands why the audience was so shocked by the startling accident, adding that it shocked him quite a bit as well.

"Have you ever had a flaming arrow shot at you?" he quipped. "It's scary."

In the end, it turns out the couple's misadventure might actually work toward their advantage in the long run.

"People are blowing up our social media. Everybody's going, 'Are you ok?' People are going, 'I want to see what it was supposed to look like.'" Stock shared.

According to Walker, if the stunt had gone properly, "the arrow was supposed to go down the tube in his esophagus and it actually shoots pyrotechnics out of it."

"It's an amazing, amazing stunt that's never been done in the entire world," she continued.

"And, if it goes wrong, it's still pretty exciting!" Stock added.

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Despite almost getting killed, the daredevil couple said they aren't scared of trying the trick again. In fact, Walker promises that they are going to "run it again" the first chance they get, “so we're not afraid of it.”

"We'll be posting photos of it working properly," Stock said. "That's for sure."

The insane mishap struck a nerve with AGT host Nick Cannon, as well as the show's judges, who opened up to ET about their reactions to Stock's near-impalement.

"It was like slow motion, watching that flaming arrow hit him in the neck," judge Howie Mandel recalled. "I thought I saw something tragic and terrible… my stomach dropped" Check out the video below to hear more about the frightening stunt-gone-wrong.