Kim Kardashian Was Almost on 'The Hills?' -- Check Out the Unseen Footage!

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The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now
special aired on Tuesday, and it took us back to a simple, delightful time, when a few kids from Laguna Beach ruled the reality airwaves and the rest was still unwritten.

“It happened very quickly,” Lauren Conrad recalled in the special. “With Laguna, we were recognizable. But when The Hills started getting more popular, it was a lot.”

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We learned so many things from Conrad’s candid interviews, not the least of which was that one of the biggest reality stars in the world almost made her debut on the hit MTV show.

“Some people embraced it, some people loved it,” Conrad said of reality fame, not-so-subtly tossing to a clip of Heidi Montag chatting up Kim Kardashian in unseen footage from her and Spencer Pratt’s season three housewarming party.


The episode, entitled “You Know What You Did,” is one of the most iconic hours in Hills history. Which is maybe why Kim -- then connected to the Laguna/Hills crew by step-brother Brody Jenner -- ended up on the cutting room floor?

“We’re the only people in America to have jellyfish,” Heidi tells Kim in the clip, which just, cannot be the truth. Maybe they were the only people to have jellyfish in a tank mounted inside a wall? We have questions, but Kim -- dressed in a classic 2007 look: white blouse and high-waisted black skirt -- just thought it was “really cool.”

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The two then chatted about going to the VMAs in Las Vegas, a tepid moment in an episode that ended up featuring one of Heidi and Lauren’s most memorable fights. (Hint: Heidi “knows what she did.”) If only we had know then, that Brody’s step-sister would be the one to watch for the next decade.

Check out more of the special’s bombshell revelations in the video below!

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