Mariah Carey Admits Ex-Husband Nick Cannon May Not Make 'Final Cut' on 'Mariah's World'

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"It's my own truth, darling."

Mariah Carey is giving fans an inside look to her chaotic world as a mother, a fiancée, and a world-famous pop diva.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the singer's new docu-series, Mariah’s World, will premiere Sunday, Dec. 4. on E!. But, before you tune in, Carey wants to make something very clear: This is not a reality show.

"First of all, I don’t consider this reality. I don’t even know what reality is," The "Dreamlover" singer said while sipping a "splash" of champagne and glamorously lounging on a gold and velvet chaise in front of reporters at the summer Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills.

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"The reason we call it a docu-series is because it feels more like a documentary," she said while wearing a skin-tight sequined dress. "We're going on tour and I haven’t been on tour in Europe for at least like 10 years… so I figured let's just show the behind the scenes of what it really take to do a world tour."

The eight-part series will follow the 46-year-old mother of two as she kicks off her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour of the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa, all while planning her upcoming wedding to fiancé, James Packer. Carey confirmed that despite Packer's busy schedule, the Australian billionaire will be making some on-screen appearances.

"He's a businessman and that's his world, so he's been very cool in allowing some moments on camera, but he's not an entertainer." she explained while her glam squad touched up her hair and make-up on stage. "That's not what he does, so I can't expect him to change his whole thing."

When ET asked Carey what it takes for a man win over her heart -- besides a whopping 35-carat diamond engagement ring -- the blonde bombshell gave a sweetly candid response. "I think people just have to understand that I've had an interesting life and they should be compassionate and caring and loving and generous of spirit and funny," she said.

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With Mariah's World
currently in the editing stage, Carey revealed that they're still "drawing lines" between her public and private life, and she's not sure how much she'll want her 5-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, to be featured.

"They should have their own show because that's how funny they are!" the star exclaimed with a laugh. "I just have to mutually figure out with [my ex-husband] Nick [Cannon] how much we really want them on the show."

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When asked what Cannon, Carey's former husband of six years, thinks of her new series, she said, "I can't speak for what he thinks because he's his own guy and we are not together anymore, but he came around for the show." Even though Cannon was present for part of filming, Carey pointed out that the America's Got Talent host might not make the "final cut" in any of the episodes.

"I'm sorry was that rude?" she asked sarcastically, after reporters gasped and laughed at her dig.

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According to Carey, her kids have both inherited some form of their mothers musical genes. "Miss Monroe has a really great ear for music and a really great tone, but I can't force her to sing. If she wants to sing, she'll sing and it's a really great outlet," she said, before adding that Moroccan is proving to be a "great little DJ."

"I try to have them do as many activities as they can that aren't just on the iPad," Carey continued. "They're really into traveling. They've been around the world probably more than most adults ever will be. And they have a consistent schedule of things like karate and gymnastics."

Carey also took the opportunity to speak her mind on an array of subjects -- her favorite show to binge is Scandal, in case you were wondering -- as well sound off on a few more hot-button topics.

When asked how she feels about her time on American Idol, the songtress gave a shockingly blunt response. "It was the most abusive experience. By the way you've just driven me to drink," she said and then proceeded to take a big swig of champagne.

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And when another reporter pressed Carey to name one other "mainstream female artist" who was doing things right in the music industry, she swiftly shut the question down.

"I would say they are some lovely ladies, and it's not their day," she said with a smirk and took another sip of her bubbly.

Mariah's World premieres Sunday, Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!