EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Troian Bellisario Jokes About a 'Serious Attitude Problem' on Set Ahead

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Troian Bellisario
is showing off her pretty little directing skills!

In addition to her role as Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, the 30-year-old actress has been stepping behind the camera for the past week to direct episode 15 of the hit drama's seventh -- and potentially final -- season.

ET sat down with Bellisario earlier this month to find out how she was preparing for her "crazy" new role in Rosewood, and to find out which PLL character is going to give her a "serious attitude problem" on set!

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"I've been re-watching PLL episodes," the brunette beauty shared at with ET at the Summer Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles. "Kind of like stuck to the screen and seeing like which shots did they use, but it's been wonderful."

Bellisario confessed that PLL's executive producer, Marlene King -- who has directed several of the series' most jaw-dropping episodes -- gifted the star with some nerve-soothing advice.

"I was just in Marlene's office yesterday and she was just so incredibly encouraging," Bellisario revealed. "She said to me what really made me the most calm, which was that you have the most loving crew and cast [and] all they want is for you to have fun and succeed and do a great job."

Lucy Hale
has been especially supportive of her co-star's directorial debut. The star shared a sweet photo from Bellisario's first day of directing on Instagram. "I'm lucky enough to get to act in Troian's first scene as a director. I'm proud proud proud," she captioned the pic.

In addition to declaring her support via social media, Hale also gifted Bellisario with a large planter of colorful succulents. "Wow," she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you Lucy Hale for being there for my first day and for supporting me and trusting me. I feel so lucky to work with you."

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Although we know that Bellisario's episode, which is slated to air Spring 2017, is going to be sensational, we were curious to know what it's like to direct yourself when acting in the same episode.

"I've heard [that the girl who plays Spencer] has a serious attitude problem and she doesn’t take direction well," the actress joked with a smirk. "So she and I are just we're going to go to the corner and we're going to work some stuff out."

"Hopefully Shay [Mitchell] or Ashley [Benson] will catch it on Snapchat for everybody's enjoyment," Bellisario added with a laugh. "Just me quietly crying in a corner going 'Oh, God!'"

Pretty Little Liars
airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.