Nick Viall Says Josh Murray Will 'Attack' on 'Bachelor in Paradise' - Plus, Someone Walks Off the Show!

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It’s Josh Murray vs. Nick Viall round 467, but it looks like the most explosive one yet!

We thought things had cooled down between Josh and Nick on Bachelor in Paradise, but there’s more drama on the way. After having a fairly calm discussion to work out their shared affections for Amanda Stanton at the season’s start, the rivals appeared to have gone their separate ways – Josh with Amanda in his arms.

But in a teaser for next week’s episode that aired Tuesday night, things get intense. Nick calls Josh an “a**hole” to the camera, then Josh yells in Nick’s face, “You better hope everything’s good with me and [Amanda]!” Nick tells Josh to “calm down,” and Josh says he won’t.

The argument even turns, again, to their mutual ex Andi Dorfman’s book. “You keep saying it’s a fictional book,” Nick tells Josh. “All I know is that my part is not fictional – the stuff she wrote about me.” Dorfman’s tell-all paints Josh in a negative light, and on BIP he’s called it fiction, but his motives for dating Amanda Stanton have been questioned, due in part to what Dorfman wrote about him. The teaser ends with Nick accusing Josh of being “full of s***.” Nick was on After Paradise to address what’s to come, and claimed Josh “attacked” the other guys on the show, starting the argument.

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We’ll see it all go down next week, but Tuesday night’s episode brought plenty of other drama. Jared and Caila worked to solidify their relationship, but the relentless Ashley I. vowed to intervene. And one relationship came to an end all on its own: Vinny and Izzy. The two started off strong, but when Izzy confessed she was interested in pursuing a connection with newcomer Brett, Vinny was done. After breaking down in tears, he walked off the show, saying, “I let somebody into my heart and I got taken advantage of."

Vinny and Izzy later came face-to-face on After Paradise, and things seemed icy. Vinny asked Izzy why she hadn’t stayed by his side. “We didn’t ever have certain conversations about our family life, our home life, growing up,” she said. “And I still felt like I was pulling things out of you.”

Plus, BIP golden couple Jade and Tanner showed up to evaluate the status of everyone’s relationships, and questioned why Lace hadn’t said “I love you” in return to Grant (who fessed up his feelings on Monday night.) The chat with Jade and Tanner had Lace questioning things with Grant, and we ended on a cliffhanger.

To find out more about what Nick thinks of Josh, watch our interview below!