EXCLUSIVE: Hot Instagram Man-Bun Model Shows Off His Eight-Pack Abs in TLC's 'Too Close to Home'

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Holy abs!

TLC’s soapy gem, Too Close to Home, continues on its adventurous ride, and ET has the exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s latest episode.

If you’re not already tuning in to the addictive new Tyler Perry drama, perhaps this is a reason to watch: Instagram hunk Brock O’Hurn, aka the King of Man Buns, plays Alabama boy Brody, who is (of course) caught in a love triangle with two sisters. Seriously.

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In ET’s exclusive first look from the brand new episode, a perfectly tan Brody shows off his eight-pack abs -- and luscious dirty blonde locks -- as he races out of his happy, Alabama home, after receiving news regarding the whereabouts of his dementia-addled father.

Of course, he takes his sweet time putting on his T-shirt after hopping on his motorcycle -- not that we’re complaining.

Later on in the clip, Brody’s love interest, Bonnie (Kelly Sullivan), heads off to work at the local diner, May Sally’s, she notices the door ajar and a naked figure, which turns out to be Brody's missing dad, sitting at the counter.

ET’s Nischelle Turner caught up with O’Hurn -- whose first job was on Perry’s upcoming movie, Boo! A Madea Halloween -- at the Los Angeles premiere where he got candid about filming the shirtless scene featured above.

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“I had a couple of scenes on the motorcycle that were a lot of fun. I hope it makes it because there was one scene where I had to get my clothes on -- I go chase down my dad -- and I hop on the motorcycle, and I drifted this motorcycle in the dirt and went back out,” O’Hurn revealed to ET.

Fans may want to keep an eye out for another scene featuring a shirtless O’Hurn this season. “I thought it was kind of crazy when I was running outside in a towel, so there’s that,” he said with a chuckle. 

O’Hurn made a splash in 2015 after people began noticing his Instagram photos featuring his perfectly-coifed mane, propelling him to social media stardom. Currently, the personal trainer-turned-model/actor has more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram alone.

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“That’s one of the things that I’m thankful is that I live knowing that I’m going to do these things. I live believing wholeheartedly and I never stopped believing in it,” he said of his quick ascent in Hollywood. “Along the path, a lot of people can say things like ‘You can’t do this. You can’t do that. You’ll never get there.’ I stopped listening to all of that and I kept believing in myself more than anybody else ever could and now I’m standing here.”

Too Close to Home
airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Heather Locklear
absolutely slays as the no-nonsense first lady on Too Close to Home. Relive the magic below.