EXCLUSIVE: Creators of HBO's 'High Maintenance' Take Fans Behind the Scenes of Original Web Series

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Offering a glimpse into the eccentric lives of New Yorkers, High
connects the narratives of seemingly unrelated people through
their shared weed dealer. In each episode, The Guy, a fly-on-the-wall
deliveryman played by Ben Sinclair, introduces audiences to a new customer as
he makes routine deliveries. From there, what unfolds are often funny,
sometimes unexpectedly heartfelt stories about strangers in New York City.

After four seasons as a web series, co-creators (and married
couple) Katja Blichfeld, an Emmy-winning casting director, and Sinclair are
taking their comedy to HBO with a brand-new season of six episodes premiering
on Sept. 16. The show’s existing episodes will be available exclusively on HBO
GO/Now starting Sept. 1.

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To get new fans caught up on the world of High
, Blichfeld and Sinclair are taking audiences behind the scenes
of the show. ET has your exclusive first look at “Stevie” and “Jamie,” the
show’s premiere episodes, which first streamed in 2012.

Very much a DIY experience -- at first -- the couple opens
up about how bare-bones the cast and crew was. “It was real scrappy,” Sinclair
says. “Yeah, we shot it all in a day -- chasing the light,” Blichfeld adds
about filming the first episode. 

When preparing to take the show to HBO, Blichfeld tells
it became about “let’s get bigger without getting too big.”
Though, one perk of joining forces with the premium network is that “we were
able to pay people real location fees,” she says.

“This time, there were probably 50 people on the set,”
Sinclair adds of the expanded team, which started off with six people in the
first episode.

The new season of High Maintenance will also add star
power to the series with Broadway star Helene Yorke, Amy Ryan, Orange Is the
New Black
’s Yael Stone and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag
Queen bringing to life these New York stories.