EXCLUSIVE: 'MacGyver' Stars Lucas Till and George Eads Are Hollywood's Newest Bromance

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Lucas Till is reviving an old TV classic with his turn as MacGyver, while at the same time giving life to Hollywood's newest bromance with his co-star, George Eads.

In CBS' reimagining of the '80s action series, Eads plays Jack Dalton, a maverick former CIA agent, who joins MacGyver on his high-risk missions around the globe. While they are close on screen, the pair might be even tighter in real life.

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"We've been at dinner and he said he was glad to finally meet somebody that was just about as crazy as he was," Eads tells ET.

"George looks after me and makes sure I don't die," Till adds. "He uses the guns, because MacGyver famously doesn't use guns."

The chemistry between Eads and Till is crucial to show, and this hasn't been lost on Eads. The former CSI star says he's looking forward to keeping their lovefest going.

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"I told him I hope we keep getting along," Eads says. "Can you imagine? Cut to us three years from now, shaking each other's necks," he jokes.

MacGyver airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.